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Wednesday 25 September 2013

On the 3BM iPod: Alice Jemima

With the announcement of iTunes Radio and the fact that we often shun our iPods anyway these days in favour of Spotify or 8Tracks, calling our music posts 'On the 3BM iPod' is beggining to feel like calling them 'On the 3BM Walkman' or 'On the 3BM Gramophone'... Possibly time for a little rethink...

That aside, today's fab music lovely is a definite must hear whether you do that via your practically prehistoric iPod or any of the more whizzy newfangled ways to listen to great tunes... Alice Jemima is a 20 year old singer songwriter from Devon. She's a little bit Lucy Rose, a little bit XX and a lot awesome!

Check out her gorgeous floaty, etheral EP, All the Boyfriends, but make sure you don't miss her stunning covers of Drive's Nighcall and our absolute fav - No Diggity (we think it may just even pip Chet Faker's version and that's saying something...). 

Alice Jemima - Nightcall (Kavinsky Cover)

Alice Jemima - I didn't Know What To Expect

Alice Jemima - No Diggity

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