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Friday 18 January 2013

Hanna Wintour on the Coveteur...

We've raved before about how in love we are with the Coveteur

A fashion blog that lets you take a peek inside the homes and wardrobes of fashion's elite and then shop the bits that have you drooling. As we've said before it's like a mix between MTV Cribs and the Foxtons website with a huge side serving of fabulous shoes and Chanel jackets.

So, we were pretty darn excited when Team Cov contacted us to ask if we'd like to work with them to bring our lovely readers sneak peeks of upcoming posts. The chance to see preview snaps of upcoming snoops around fashionista's pads before everyone else? Yes please!

As all you avid Coveteur fans will know, late last year, the website had a little revamp and is now even more shoppable than before (our credit card's HATE Team Cov!). And with every new launch you need a launch party right? Well the Coveteur's relaunch was celebrated with the launch party to end all launch parties...

We're totally in love with all of these fashion mini-mes but it seems that one stood out and has become a little bit of a legend in her own right, the one, the only... Hanna Wintour!

Just as terrifyingly fabulous as the fully grown version and with a closet to prove it, Hanna has been given the full Cov treatment! In just a few short hours we'll all get to snoop around baby Wintour's closet as well as shop all her favourite pieces! Until then we'll leave you with a couple of snaps to whet your appetite and a brilliant bloopers reel from the Coveteur launch video...

And the bloopers!

Don't forget to head over to the Coveteur later for the full post!

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