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Friday 18 January 2013

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Week two of 2013 down and it's now pretty much just the same as 2012 again...back to the grind! London Towers has not been the most fun this week with late nights in the office and early moaning mornings, however as always we've managed to fit in at least a bit of light relief! 

Sadly it's been the week that HMV and Blockbusters went into administration...I hear a cry of joy from Amazon and Lovefilm, however this has set off some hilarious Twitter pleas to rich celeb businessmen of the moment...Sir Alan Sugar, Bill Gates, Dragons Den stars and even Richard Branson...Virgin Megastores ring any bells anybody?! So far all the tweets suggesting that Bill & Co might like to buy HMV/Blockbusters and #SaveTheHighstreet, seem to have been rebuffed (strange that...!) But let's keep our fingers crossed that Twitter has the power, and all those vouchers received as Christmas pressies for HMV can still be redeemed!!

When the Mice haven't been rubbing their bleary, tired eyes or eating work-induced midnight feasts, we have mostly been... the tragic news of Alan, Tatler magazine's office dog, dying in a revolving door accident on Monday. For anyone not familiar with Alan, we're referring to a miniature long-haired dachshund who belonged to the editor's assistant. Alan used to go into the Tatler offices daily and became a twitter legend with his own account @TatlerAlan giving the Twitter world an insight into the magazine world! 

Apparently poor Alan got caught in the revolving doors at Vogue House on his way out for his lunchtime walk...very sad indeed, I will leave you with his Twitter profile picture :-( 

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In tribute to Alan I am taking extra care of my office pet, Rufus, a porcelain dog that HK Mouse picked up in Tokyo and gave to me for Christmas. Rufus is not only the sweetest little puppy ever, he also grows plants out of his rucksack! He is amazing, after only a week of planting the seeds, look how well he has come along....I will keep you all posted!!

Speedily filling up my new raspberry Filofax with drinks to banish January blues, holidays and anything that involves having fun!  An email that recently dropped into my inbox and immediately caught my attention was a chic BYOB venue! I am forever searching for a BYOB restaurant where you don't have to eat whilst sitting on plastic chairs, from tables covered in paper sheets and windows dripping with condensation...ok this might be a slight exaggeration but my experiences are of pretty scrappy interiors and definitely not somewhere you'd be proud to take a visitor to London or a date!

However this week I heard about the Hawksmoor BYOB Monday. I must admit I somehow haven't managed to visit a Hawksmoor yet as they are always fully booked but this is news enough to get me into gear and start some forward planning! I can safely say from rave reviews and the fact that they're constantly chocka block full, the food will not disappoint and the decor and atmosphere is spot on! Think amazing steak, seafood, buttery lobster, creamed spinach and peanut butter shortbread with salted caramel ice cream...all alongside a bottle of your favourite wine minus a £20 markup and just a £5 corkage instead! YUM!!! I can't think of a better way to start the week can you?!

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Performing the snow dance at every opportunity to make the daily promises of snow inches come true! Our hopes for a day all snug in bed, with 'How to make it in America' on continuous play, whilst sipping mugs of steaming tea, are ever building! Temperatures have officially plummeted to an all time low for this Winter which calls for a bit of cosy snow dayshopping from your sofa! Cashmere, chunky knits, uber long scarves and lots of layers are a definite YES right now and we've found the best of the best just for you! Check out 3BM's must have Freezing Five...



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That's it for another week my blog buds, make sure you stay warm, cosy and wrapped up this weekend...unless we get the promised substantial snowfall and in that snowmen and snow dogs and scream like a child again whilst dodging flying snow balls!!!!

The Mice xxx

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