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Saturday 10 March 2012

Stalking and Shopping: The Coveteur

It's the weekend!  We made it through another week!  

Saturday morning and two whole days of weekend stretch ahead of us.  Our perfect Saturday morning recipe?  A Lie-in, back to back episodes of the Kardashians and Sex and the City, tea and bacon sandwiches in bed and a bit of quality blog time.

We admit, we're a little blog obsessed.  If we're not happily tapping away typing blog posts for this, our very own blog, we're happily clicking away, checking out all the latest street style, fashion news and general musings from all the bloggers who inspired us to start our own.

There are the big ones, the ones that everyone knows, Jak & JilThe SatorialistStyle Bubble and Liberty London Girl.  There are the go to fashion ones, Coco's Tea PartyFashionista Barbie and 5 Inch and Up.  There are the Hong Kong ones, the WanderlisterT Like Bubble TeaFashion Hedonism and A Pair & A Spare.  There are the ones that we've recently just stumbled across, the gorgeous 52 Suburbs (a Mum and her daughter each week travelling and photographing a different suburb of seven cities across the world) and the hilarious Recipe Rifle (a blog about food and cooking, in equal parts makes us cry with laughter and want to stuff our faces).  

And then there's The Coveteur.

If we could only read one blog for the rest of our lives, we'd pick the Coveteur in a heartbeat.

Its like a mix between MTV Cribs and the Foxtons website with a huge side serving of fabulous shoes and Chanel jackets.

Designer, Erin Kleinberg, and Stylist, Stephanie Mark, started the site just over a year ago.  Together they visit the homes of fashion's elite to give us a little peek into their lives and wardrobes.  From Charlotte Ronson's NYC apartment stuffed with vintage film posters, Louboutins and Sephora lipglosses to Nicky Hilton's LA pad complete with rainbow collection of Balenciaga bags and a shoe closet we'd gladly sell our souls for.  Each post includes a potted biography of the subject, a list of their favourite digital inspiration and a set of beautifully styled images of small details of the subject's home, prized possessions and fashion gems.

Regular helpings of voyeuristic photo gorgeousness featuring all our style crushes.  Could the Coveteur get any better?  Yes, actually, spy Lauren Conrad's delicious gold Christian Louboutin clutch and want one for yourself?  Click on the image and there's a shop option which allows you to click through to an online store so that you can buy the item (or something similar if what you're coveting's vintage or last season).

Stalking and shopping - the Coveteur had us at www dot...

Sara Brajovic - Bottega Veneta clutch and vintage palm tree lamp.

The Courtin-Clarins' Girls - Alexander McQueen clutches photographed at the Crosby Street Hotel

Gucci Westman - Chanel handbag with Cartier watch and various rings including Gucci's wedding and engagement ring.

Tommy Hilfiger - Hermes briefcase sitting under a piece of Tracy Emin neon art.

Rachel Zoe - shoes at RZ HQ 

Images by Jake Rosenberg via:

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