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Friday 7 December 2012

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

EEEEEEE it is officially so close to Christmas now I am finding it hard to breathe! Only 3 more weekends and we are at Christmas Eve and HK mouse is back with us where she belongs!!!! Super duper exciting but at the same time causing me slight heart palpitations as I am no where NEAR bought up in terms of Christmas presents! That is how I will be spending my weekend...well in between bridesmaid dress shopping, house warming parties and Friday night drinks of course! 

This week has been busy for all - HK mouse is freezing half to death in snowy Seoul whilst Middle and I are starting the Christmas parties and nights out...the only thing worse than waking up for work is waking up for work with a wine hangover and remembering those secrets you let slip that you really shouldn't have..Oh dear!!!

So when we haven't been jetting around the world or cringing at last night's activities, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Frantically scouring the Internet, magazines and shops for unusual and quirky Christmas far I haven't had too many brainwaves or gasp inducing discoveries so if you have any gems send then my way! 

However in my search I did come across the quirky Tatty Devine personalised necklaces. I am going crazy for anything personalised at the moment be it the Monica Viander engraved Siren pinky ring I blogged about recently or the Bauble Bar take on a Carrie necklace...I love them all! However if those are little out of your budget then why not check out these Tatty Divine, bespoke and a little bit of fun! 

You get to pick a word up to nine letters, the colour, size, font, charm and chain colour! When I was trying out the interactive site I opted for Alice, black glitter, Billboard font, no charm, standard size and a gold chain. And for £37.50 this is what it looks like....

Image via

A few more examples to give you a better idea...

Image via

Perfect Christmas gift, thoughtful secret Santa or even a little treat for yourself for this festive season!

Tearing apart our wardrobes...looking for the perfect Christmas night out get up! If like us you're pretty bored of everything you own and want something new, festive and a little bit special then you are not alone! Well we have found a new website which will help with such dilemmas and provide something that not everyone will have...we all love Zara but you don't want to be dress twins with the girl from the 4th floor do you?! So we present to you...London boutiques...a site which allows you to peruse London's most high end boutiques without having to swap websites or move from your sofa! What's even better is there's 20% off Party wear! 

You'll find the likes of Trilogy, Austique, Felt and Iris in the Boutiques section, but if you want to search by Designer there are so many goodies it'll hurt your eyes...Ash, Acne, Helmut, Victoria Victoria Beckham and By Malene Birger. 

It is literally a treasure trove all all things beautiful be it books, jewellery, scarves, shoes, name and you'll find it here and for a range of prices also! 

By Malene Birger Metallic Top, £179
Image via

Austique Leone Mini Wrap Dress, £380
Image via

Ash Studded High Tops, £165
Image via

Tessa Ruffle Dress, £235
Image via

Hanky Panky Thong, £18
Image via

Bells Ring Jacquard Dress, Victoria Victoria Beckham, £675
Image via

Dying a slow alcohol death post Belfast...I was in Belfast last weekend getting acquainted with my Irish bestie's hometown! It didn't start well with me missing my flight and forgetting my phone charger - which meant that when I'd finally landed and switched on my phone to find that I had a flat battery, meeting up was slightly tricky! And it continued in a pretty similar vein when we managed to find each other with both of us slipping head over heel on the icy pavements in front of our boss' boss! 

However, when work was done we set about getting further acquainted with Belfast's much larger than normal spirit measures...! I was introduced to quite a few places however the best had to be The Spaniard Pub....dark, effortlessly cool, cosily lit by tonnes of candles and serving up officially the best Hendricks ever! Huge slices of cucumber, lots of gin and super cheap, in comparison to London anyway!

Image via

My other must do tip is an Irish fry...I was lucky enough to have mine cooked for me by Kitty's amazing mum however, if you aren't so lucky you have to go find somewhere that does a good one! The potato bread is seriously delicious and addictive...believe me once you've tried it you will be on a mission to have it every weekend forever more! Plus after all the Irish drinking a bit or carby, fried goodness is definitely the only cure....!!!

And last but by no means least...

Falling a little but more in love...with William and Kate...We've been staunch supporters from the start and got thoroughly over excited by the wedding - cue the London Mice hosting a huge British tea party at London Mice Towers complete with a Union Jack Victoria Sponge cake, Royal fancy dress theme and lots and lots of Pimms...

While over in Hong Kong, HK Mouse toasted the wedding with Jaeger Bombs at a Best of British party which saw all her expat pals getting their Brit on and going dressed as everything from a jar of Marmite to a pregnant Kate...

Which brings us neatly back to this week's news that a teeny tiny bundle of Cambridge baby is on its way! We're very pleased to hear that after a bout of morning sickness which saw her hospitalised, Kate is now back at Kensington Palace with her feet up. Roll on super chic maternity Kate and plenty of speculation about the name. 

Wonderful news, we're very excited and we're already planning the Royal headwetting parties... 

Image via:

And that's it for this week! 

Happy Friday, hope you all have great weekends - stay cosy and get some downtime in before festivities really start to kick into overdrive....
The Mice

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