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Monday 10 December 2012

Cosy Christmas Cinemas...

Two weeks ago we blogged about the best Christmas films for this years festive run-up, and I thought what better post to follow with than where in London you can go to watch 3BM's top ten choices! Every day there seems to be another venue popping up or an original Christmas concept but I can't think of anything nicer than cosily watching a Christmas film with your girls / boyfriend whilst sipping on a glass of Pinot Noir and getting snug under a blanket! 

There is something seriously exciting about Christmas films. Us Mice even get excited about the Christmas TV Listings and particularly the release of the Christmas Radio Times! Each year when we were little we patiently spent December waiting for the Christmas Radio Times to appear in our newsagents and when it finally landed, we'd each uncap a crayola felt tip pen to circle all the films and seasonal specials that we wanted to stay up for! This tradition hasn't stopped in our household, only now we do it with a Sharpie instead but the same squeals of excitement can still be heard as we see all our Christmas favourites! 

This year we'll definitely still be snuggling on the sofa at home for our Christmas viewing but there are so many fab Christmas screenings around town that we may just have to get our Christmas film fix at one of the lovely festive cinemas in London too. So without further ado here are my favourite London Christmas Screenings, to help you plan at least a couple of hours in your packed Christmas schedule for a bit of Chrimbo cinema! 

Get cosy in a courtyard at Hush and kick back with your own blanket, gourmet popcorn, winter warmer cocktails and even a full A La Carte meal if you want! There's a £10 cover charge per table and our top film picks this December are...

8th December - Love Actually
15th December - Elf
22nd December - It's a Wonderful Life
29th December - When Harry met Sally

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Winter Wonderland Film Club at Firmdale Hotels...known more commonly to us as Charlotte Street Hotel, The Soho Hotel and The Covent Garden Hotel! Over the weekend each hotel takes a different day and the deal is you pay £35 and get a three course Lunch/Dinner/Afternoon Tea in the hotel restaurant and then move on to the watch the film in the hotel's cinema. 

Sundays are 3pm screenings at the Soho branch...

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Then there's the Sunday screening at the Charlotte Street Hotel from 5pm...

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Or finally a Saturday screening at the Covent Garden branch...

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Check out the sample menus and film listings on the website, to give you a little taster, they're showing all the goodies like The Holiday, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street and Polar Express!

One wardrobe, one film and a whole lot of snow....head down to Brick Lane and get involved in a brand new Pop Up Screens this December at Drays Walk Gallery. You enter through a big wardrobe door and on the other side is a Christmas cinema filled with snow and lots of festive delights! The film line up is immense with the likes of Home Alone, Elf, Nightmare before Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street, plus there is a bar full of cakes, popcorn, thick hot chocolate and alcoholic beverages to keep you cosy in all that fake snow! 

The film line up is...

Tuesday 18th - Nightmare Before Christmas (7:45pm)
Wednesday 19th - Bad Santa (5pm)
Wednesday 19th - Home Alone (7:45pm)
Thursday 20th - Home Alone (1pm)
Thursday 20th - The Grinch (5pm)
Thursday 20th - The Muppets Christmas Carol (7:45)
Friday 21st - Elf (1pm)
Friday 21st - Edward Scissorhands (5pm)
Saturday 22nd - The Muppets Christmas Carol (1pm)
Saturday 22nd - Scrooged (5pm)
Saturday 22nd - Gremlins (7:45pm)
Sunday 23rd - Nightmare Before Christmas (1pm)
Sunday 23rd - Miracle on 34th Street (5pm)
Sunday 23rd - Elf (7:45pm)

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Tickets are £14, check out the website for more details. 

A rooftop pine forest cinema at The Berkeley Hotel...I read about this wonderful concept last year and desperately wanted to go and I still do! Who wouldn't want to be a part of a luxury hotel's rooftop transformed into a pine forest with heated lamps, blankets, fluffy cushions and hot water bottles hey?! For £55.00 you get access to the rooftop, a seat (of course with your own hot water bottle and blanket!) along with home made hot chocolate, marshmallows and mince pies whilst you watch your film! 

They show old classics such as 'It's a Wonderful Life' and 'Miracle on 34th Street' but to get full details call up The Berkeley on 0207 201 1618.

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Happy Festive Film watching! 

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