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Friday 30 November 2012

This Week The Mice have Mostly Been..

Well we've had one mice down this week due to a nasty virus ... poor Middle Mouse but she's pretty much back fitting fit again now and just in time for the weekend too! Aside from illness, the London Mice have been bearing the cold and wrapping up in lots of warm knits. The bitter weather is miserable yes, but we can't help feeling more and more Christmas excited the colder it gets! The countdown for the return of Hong Kong mouse is a daily talking point too - only 23 days now - SQUEAKKKKKK! 

Anyway lets get on with it - this week the Mice have mostly been....

Getting ready with much anticipation to open our first little advent calendar door tomorrow morning! If you read out previous post highlighting our top of the pops calendars for Christmas 2012 then you may be intrigued to know which one HK mouse decided to send to London Mice Towers! Well, that naughty Hong Konger only went and bought us each a YOU magazine beauty one! We cannot wait to spring out of bed and start every day with a brand new beauty pressie, we need all the help we can get to make us look Christmas ready in time for the big day! Watch out for daily advent updates on Twitter divulging our latest treats. 

Scoffing our greedy mice chops at Nopi! As ever we always have our eyes on the prize when it comes to super duper restaurants, bars and pop-ups to recommend. Last Sunday was no different and Nopi was our brunch spot of choice - we can confidently say it's a goodie! It's owned by the same people as a Robbo firm favourite, Ottolenghi, so no wonder really! Perfectly located for a pre, post or mid-shopping pitstop it's just a brisk 30 second walk from Regents Street and it's super close to Zara, Wholefoods and Marks Bar ... what more could you want! 

The decor is smart and minimalistic, little fuss but beautiful finishes and features. We were seated downstairs on an authentic wooden communal table with more than enough room for everyone plus sharing a table seemed to make it more cosy and more brunch like! 

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The menu is great, really different without being too out there and still providing crowd pleasers for the most important meal of the day. I opted for a skinny cappuccino, focaccia bread with tarragon cream cheese, the most yellow scrambled egg ever and thick slices of salmon. Other options were welsh rarebit with italien egg (two of the girls had this and loved it) and French toast with star anise sugar, berry compote and orange yoghurt. Everyone loved their choices with no food envy to report (which doesn't often happen with us) and I really liked the way we were left in peace to catch up and gossip without any pressure to up and leave as soon as we were done. Top points all round! One word of warning - don't visit the mirrored toilets drunk you'll never get out alive! I struggled to enter, keep my balance and exit and I'd only had a coffee! 

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21-22 Warwick Street

020 7494 9584

Getting Pie-Faced at the Secret Ingredient dessert tasting! Over in Hong Kong, HK Mouse had a night off from the Bikini Fit diet (hmmm there do seem to have been a few of those recently...) and got stuck into Secret Ingredient's new line of desserts. It's no secret that HK Mouse is a bit of a fan of the Hong Kong based home cooking service (more on the what and how of Secret Ingredient here), ordering from them at least a couple of times a week so the announcement of Secret Ingredient's collaboration with pie specialists, Tai Tai Pie Pie, had her more than a little excited. 

Last night she trotted down to Secret Ingredient HQ in Sheung Wan where the SI boys whipped up roast turkey and mashed potatoes followed by slice after slice of delicious pie...oh and a little bit of carrot cake! Because she's a very devoted Mouse, she sampled a piece of every pie on the menu just to make sure that she could report back in full to us all... And the verdict? Pie Perfection! Her top pick was the pecan pie but the drunken apple (regular apple pie spiked with Jack Daniels) came in a very close second! Individual pumpkin pies are currently available to add to your SI order and a full range of pies and cake will be added to the site very soon!

That's your lot! We're going to start taking a little down time at the weekends so that we can try out even more fun and fabulous places to report back on every week! Have a great Friday and weekend - yippee! See you on Monday!

The Mice xxx

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