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Thursday 23 February 2012

The Clark Kent of Mid-Week Entertaining

The weather in Hong Kong is revolting today.  Its rainy and humid - a recipe for very special hair (thank God for the Brazilian Blowout... more to come on that topic very soon...) and the perfect excuse for a good night in.

This evening I'm having some girls over for dinner and a dvd.  Sounds relaxing enough but mid-week dinners are always tricky.  Plan to have people round on a week night and I guarantee that there'll a work crisis at 5:30pm, you'll leave the office harassed with people shouting after your receding back an hour and a half later and then you'll get to the supermarket only to discover that they don't have the essential ingredient for your planned menu.  Having gone a bit Nigella and improvised with what the supermarket has to offer, you'll then be faced with a half hour taxi queue to get your inadequate groceries back to your flat.  You'll get home to find your hungry guests waiting outside your front door and you'll then have to try to cook and entertain simultaneously while everyone else ravenously descend on the olives and dips so that by the time you finally serve your meal at 9pm no one's really that hungry anymore...

Lesson learnt, I'm letting the superheroes of Hong Kong mid-week entertaining come to the rescue this evening.  The Secret Ingredient boys.  

All I need to do is log onto the website and pick which two of the four meals on offer to serve the girls this evening and the boys will deliver the pre-prepped ingredients to my door during my chosen timeslot later this afternoon.   When I get home, even having been waylaid by the inevitable work crisis, I'll have a yummy meal ready in thirty minutes with no stress and next to no mess or washing-up to do.  Cooking it is even fun, everything's ready chopped and measured and packed into little containers labelled with letters and you just have to follow the simple recipe card matching the letters to the steps.    

Not content with having the ability to make me appear all domestic goddess, it seems the boys also want to make sure I can have the girls round AND buy the new shoes I've been eyeing up in Zara all week.  The SI prices are already ridiculously good value (I challenge you to pick up quality ingredients at the supermarket for meals like these for less that HK$250) but they're now running a special Thursday Nights Inn offer.  When ordering on a Thursday, enter the checkout code "Thursday Nights Inn" to get 10% off your order.  

I'm thinking the hoisin chicken and mushroom lettuce wraps with pear salad - low carb and ready in fifteen minutes.  Which means we can eat a tub of Ben & Jerry's each guilt-free while we watch the dvd... 

G/F, 32-34 Tai Ping Shan Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
+852 2108 4000


  1. Maximilian von Poelnitz23 February 2012 at 12:55

    Love it! Thanks and totally agree .

    1. Total life saver! Four very full, happy girlies watched Mt Week with Marilyn last night and the Malbec went down VERY well too...! x

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