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Monday 3 December 2012

It's Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas...

Christmas to me involves four essential things ... my beautiful family, copious amounts of food and booze, presents galore and of course festive fragrance! I suppose aroma could come in a few forms ... the smell of your Christmas Day feast being whipped up, Christmas tree pine needles, mulled wine brewing, the list goes on. Well the easiest way in my opinion to keep that Christmas smell going all the way through to New Year is to stock up on festive winter candles. You'll be pleased to hear that we've been brushing up and testing out the best scented candles around and have bought you a run down of our personal favs to get you in the festive spirit. In no particular order our cream of the Christmas crop are...

The White Company Winter Botanical Candle, £20

With cinnamon sticks, orange slices and red berries embedded into the wax it's almost too pretty to burn! But trust me when you finally take the plunge and strike that match this little beauty will have you feeling suitably festive in an instant with its spicy cinnamon, clove and zesty orange fragrance! Only thing to note is that the candle isn't encased in a glass jar so you'll need to pop it onto a china plate to catch any wax drips.

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OSPREY LONDON Dark Amber, £30

Bring pure Christmas cheer into your life with OSPREY LONDON's Dark Amber candle from its new Home Fragrance range. Its yuletide nostalgic blend of precious woods and spicy amber takes me back to baby Robbo Christmas times. The frosted glass jar and the crisp white presentation box the candle comes in screams luxury too. The perfect Christmas candle centrepiece to inject some warmth into your home when it's chilly chapsticks outside!

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Miller Harris Tangerine Vert, £38

The Miller Harris packaging always has me at first sight. The beautiful floral sketching both elegant and subtle and so distinctive to the brand. This little wax delight packs an oh so sweet punch with its soft sicilian green tangerines, grapefruit and lemon scent. I would say the perfect addition to make early morning present opening super sparkly!

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Penhaligon's Tea Collection, £40

If one candle just isn't enough for you (greedy guts) then why not opt for three?! Penhaligon has released the Tea Collection comprising of three super-cute mini candles ... Earl Grey, Assam and Neroli. Not only will each one create a different mood in every room but they also burn for up to 20 hours each, well they do say good things come in small packages don't they?! The icing on the cake is the beautiful blue and white ornate box displaying the candles.

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Jonathan Ward Orange Opium, £35

This is one hell of a bold candle and it's not afraid to admit it ... think orange peel and a hot man's spicy aftershave and you have it in one! Cumin seed, cardamon, orange rind and Persian spices make up the candles powerful yet warming aroma. The packaging is attention grabbing too with its hand-blown metallic crystal glass holder. 

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Diptyque Pomander, £38

I'm an avid Diptyque fan it has to be said, sitting here writing this I spy four different fragrances - lavish? YES, but I can't help myself! Flavour of the month is Pomander, a rich soothing blend of orange, clove and cinnamon. Quite frankly mulled wine in wax! I promise it will have you feeling super Christmassy in a mere moment.

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Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig, £45

First thing to note about this limited edition candle is the way in which it's presented to you. Everything about it feels luxurious and special, from its gorgeous lavish burgundy and gold packaging, heavy weight hand-blown glass holder, silver candle lid to its long-lasting rich fig scent. The complex list of ingredients will send you wild with anticipation and have you running to the shops immediately - fig, basil, clove, frankincense, cassis, rose, jasmine, sandlewood, cedarwood and musk ... wow what a combo. Pricey but perfectly formed!

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Elemis Royal Candle, £25

If you love vanilla cupcakes this is the option for you! The bow-top candle boasts a warming combination of lily, jasmine and vanilla notes. Its ornate mirror glass jar adds an extra special Chrismassy touch too.

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Orla Kiely Geranium & Myrrh, £24

This retro-inspired candle features Orla Kiely's signature print so not only is it sweet smelling but also fashion forward for the home! Its geranium and myrrh fragrance is fresh, earthy and subtle, conjuring up a beautiful background aroma perfect for daytime relaxing.

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