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Friday 24 August 2012

This Week the Mice Have Mostly Been...

What a week...5995 miles from Hong Kong to London have been travelled, an early morning mouse reunion took place that only dogs could hear, espresso martinis were drunk like there's no tomorrow and a year of gossip was caught up on at high speed!! AND that was just Wednesday for you...!!

You guessed it HK Mouse is back, so far she has only graced London with her presence for 24 hours as she is now living it up in Italy ... you may have seen her smoasting on Twitter yesterday...

"Rose o'clock on the Amalfi Coast..."

BUT she'll be back with us next week for full on 3BM celebrations and adventures and I for one cannot wait! We have some serious cocktails to consume, pop-up restaurants to visit and amazing blogs to write...eeeeeekk!!

When we haven't been jumping up and down with sister glee or talking at the speed of light, the mice have mostly been....

Over excitedly plotting our first 3BM reunion - tick, next up the Bank holiday weekend - in progress, and the final challenge - scheduling in as many of London's newbies possible, to convince HK mouse to come on home to blighty!

A long weekend is very much in need and it is finally here, tonight as you walk out of the office you need to take a moment ... the equivalent of two Saturdays - when it is ok to have no responsibilties, lose yourself in the weekend bliss and be out as late as you please with not an ounce of guilt! And the best bit ... three sleep ins and no Sunday bluesssss...(Monday blues don't count!) 

So what are you going to do to fill yours...'Do the Lobster Dance' at The Disappearing Dining Club, Salsa your Sunday away at The Notting Hill Carnival, party Shoreditch style courtesy of The Book Club at Bookstock 2012 street party or give your festival get-up one final outing at SW4 ... whatever you choose we are spoilt for choice in London! Us Mice haven't even got our final plans in place but I can assure you it will include plenty of sleep, G&T's, fun, dancing and most probably Whole Foods!!

Beautifying over Prosecco at the media unveiling of Miracle Skin Transformer, a New York skincare range spreading its wings to London.

We tried and tested the eight product collection ranging from a no fuss tinted face moisturiser to everyday balm to a lavish night cream, all with price points ranging from £18 to £56. Middle mouse's favourite was the Triple Action Night Treatment which surprise surprise was at the top end of the price scale - what can we say, she has expensive taste! Although £56, for a cracking night moisturiser that's pretty darn good in our beauty books! The thing that we loved about it most was its texture - light, hydrating and not remotely greasy, surpassing all the typical traits of heavy night creams. I was a huge fan of the Heal Everyday Balm which follows the same concept as Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream. A balm that solves all your problems - sunburn, irritation, chapped skin and can be used everywhere. It smells yummy too and it has a magical ingredient - Manuka Honey, it'll have all the boys buzzing after you!

The brains behind the brand is New Zealander Sarah McNamara, she's seriously fabulous and lovely with it! We were the last ones to leave because she was chatting away, plying us with prosecco and discussing Prince Harry's latest Vegas antics! However, fun aside, she knows her stuff having worked for L-Oreal, Elizabeth Arden and Unilever over the years. Since then having seen a gap in the market for a premium yet affordable skin care brand, Miracle Skin Transformer was born. 

The range is currently available in the US from Sephora and Bergdorf Goodman but come September, us Brits can get our hands on the products from, Selfridges from November and hopefully Space NK early next year ... not long to wait now ladies!

P.S If you're wondering what the delectable rose in the below picture is all about ... well, Sarah presented us each with one at the event and asked us 'do you accept this rose?' Batchelor style - love it!

Hitting up one of London's new kids on the block for the already mentioned 3BM reunion, Caravan Kings Cross! I have wanted to visit ever since I laid my eyes on the Brunch menu and specifically the coconut bread, lemon curd cream cheese and strawberries - WOW!!! (I still haven't tried this weep weep, but only an excuse to revisit.)

It has been on my mental 'Place to visit' list ever since, however the Exmouth Market location (which is quite a walk from the tube) never seemed to conviently fall into my plans. That is until I read that a new branch had opened in Kings Cross. Instantly venue number one to take Natalie on her first night was decided - easy peasy! 

The restaurant is a little hard to find, only about five minutes from St.Pancras situated in an old grain store - cue exposed brick walls, pipe works and huge industrial windows - I loved it! The staff couldn't have been more helpful or friendly, the cocktails were divine (you HAVE to have an espresso martini) and the food was so delicious we ordered enough for the whole of Animals of Farthing Wood and more! 

Highlights have to be, the Blue cheese, figs and truffle oil, New potatoes, duck egg, peas and mint and the pièce de résistance was the Butterscotch and Caramel pot with salted shortbread - OMG delish!!! You simply have to taste to believe the heaven!

Two cocktails each, wine, enough food to feed a country and a pudding to share came to £40 each - naughty HK mouse paid the bill before we could get our paws on it, however we'll get her back next week and hopefully it'll be another gem for you all to add to your London book of treats!

Enjoy the long weekend ahead London people!

Much love,

The Mice x

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