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Saturday 25 August 2012

3BM Style Crush: Chiara Ferrangi

Dear Diary,

I have a major crush … her name is Chiara Ferragni and she is quite possibly the most fashionable 24 year old on the planet! Not only is she beautiful and has a wardrobe to die for but she’s also a bright cookie studying law in Milan – some people are blessed with all the best genes – no fair! When she’s not studying and strutting her stylish stuff, she writing her street style blog, The Blonde Salad. Is there nothing this girl can’t do?

Word of warning before I gush any further ... where Chiara is involved, prepare to be hooked IMMEDIATELY! Her blog gives readers a daily glimpse into her wonderfully shiny world, everything from what she's wearing, where she's traveling, projects she's working on to the latest style press she's received. I have happily spent hour after hour scrolling through her many looks, every one of them effortlessly chic and fabulously on-trend may I add. Her Chanel bag collection will have you screaming out 'I hate her' and 'I love her' in quick succession and the designer shoes she owns will rock your world and have your toes curling with envy!

Get lost in a few of my fav looks of hers below...

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Get your Chiara fix by visiting her 'The Blonde Salad' blog here, following her on Twitter here, keeping up to date with her on Facebook here and learning about her great loves in life via Pinterest here. Wow I sound like one hell of a class A stalker don't i? I'm not going to deny it, she is my latest fashion obsession, soon to be yours too...!

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