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Thursday 23 August 2012

Get Your Kicks From Customised Converse...

STUDS, STUDS and more STUDS is what it's all about right now. From layered gold and silver spike bangles, to embellished bags and purses...everyone is rocking a hint of this trend in some shape or form. For me, it has to be said that  studded trainers float my little mouse boat. I'm not really a trainer kinda gal but my arm can be twisted when it comes to Converse as you can easily dress them up or down. And thanks to Il Matease Lab my Converse love has soared to cloud 9. I stumbled across this site last week and have since visited daily to lust after the oh-so-fierce custom made studded trainers. Just like a kid in a candy shop - every style and colour imaginable and all priced reasonably considering these bad boys are bespoke and frankly fabulously!

High kick your way to high-top heaven with our 3BM pick of the best studded trainers around. Starting with my favs from Il Matease Lab's customised collection...

Stand out from the crowd with these colour popping Fluo Converse, 159 euros

Stomp around in these rock chic Oro Gold Converse, 149 euros

Embrace your inner stud-muffin with these ankle studded Converse, 129 euros

Grunge up and get nasty with these skull stud Converse, 159 euros

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If you're flush this month and can afford to flash the cash, check out 3BM's blow-the-budget options...

Christian Louboutin studded hi-top sneakers, £525

Gienchi high tops, £230

In the words of Nancy Sinatra ... 'These boots are made for walkin and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you. Are you ready boots? Start walkin' ... take it away Nance!

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