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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Heiress v. Penniless: Isabel Marant Blackson Cowboy Boot

Looking to place a safe bet on the fashion week collection most likely to yield the must-have footwear for Spring 2013? 

We'd willingly stake everything we have that the It Shoe will come fresh from the Parisian catwalks courtesy of the queen of cool, Isabel Marant.

Our very first Heiress v. Penniless post was inspired by the Marant Willow - the wedge trainers that everyone was trying to beg, borrow or eBay last spring. Unsurprisingly, that post is our all time most popular post. Everyone wants a slice of the Marant magic but sadly not all of us can quite afford to fork out several hundred pounds for a piece of the action. Luckily we have a pretty awesome arsenal of High Street retailers conjuring up affordable alternatives inspired by our high end objects of lust.

So when last March Marant sent her fleet of models out onto the runway in lace, studs and cowboy boots, we immediately started channeling Little House on the Prairie and Annie Oakley while patiently waiting for the high street to get itself in gear.

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We loved the frothy skirts toughened with studded leather belts, we drooled over the rusty reds, petrol blues and soft blush tones, we desperately wanted a cross-stitch embroidered yoke, but for us the real stand out were the boots. Pointy, tooled leather, high-heeled cowboy boots. Pencil thin heels, buttery soft suede and intricate detailing - insouciance personified. We needed those boots. Blackson Fever had us in its grip.

So when Moda Operandi emailed us to tell us that the Marant Trunk Sale was in full swing and that we could get out little mitts on a pair of our very own Blacksons, we hopped over to the site double quick. We knew in our heart of hearts that it was going to hurt but we weren't quite prepared to be faced with a pricetag of almost a thousand pounds. Kidneys or Blacksons? Kidneys or Blacksons....? Hmmmmm....   

In what was clearly one of our more self-controlled moments, we decided that the kidneys pipped the Blacksons to the post....just. Since then though we've spent hours gazing longingly at photographs of our lost loves and wondered whether anything would ever make us feel better ever again.

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While we're indulging in some hardcore shoe porn, perhaps we should also introduce our other boot crush, the heart-stoppingly beautiful Milwaukes....

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Ok, ok, enough! Onto the Penniless part....

We knew the high street would do us proud this autumn, and we're very happy to confirm that the first drop of foot candy channeling the Blackson has now arrived and is available for you to snap up without having to sell any organs. Zara has two pairs of heeled cowboy boots with tooling and more than a little Marant detailing and both coming in at under £100.  The black ones have our names on them! 


Zara High Heel Cowboy Boot with Mini Studs

Zara also has matching handbags for each style which are also severly coveting. A word of warning though, to avoid looking as though you're heading to a Wild West fancy dress party, limit it to a boot or a bag; when it comes to cowboy less is definitely more.



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Our only slight complaint with the Zara Cowboys are the lack of the deliciously skinny pencil heels. Zara's fellow Spanish cousin, Mango, are onto it though. Our beady eyes have spied Kate Moss wearing some Marant-inspired boots in the Fall Lookbook. These babies don't drop until 30th August but we predict that when they do, they won't stick around for long, get your calendar's marked...

(And ps how fab is the very VB-inspired military dress in the bottom pic?! We're definitely checking Mango out this season...!)

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