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Sunday 26 August 2012

Top of the Tees....

If you hadn't guessed already, 3BM heart fashion...we love to pore over pictures from the shows identifying all the new tends hot off the press and then plot what styles suit us! However as much as we love fashion, I can't say I am the most dedicated when it comes to uncomfortable trends! I didn't jump aboard the trend train when wet-look leggings hit (I am proud of this one!!!)...

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Super duper short hot pants - you can't sit down or you have muffin tops on your legs, even if you are a piece of toned muscle like Rhi Rhi you end up looking like thunder thighs and when you walk there is most definitely a ripple effect....

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Cut out swim suits...breathe in, make slow fluid movements, use tit-tape everywhere...not everyone can pull one off like Mirander Kerr! The concept is hot, in real-life...hard work and not fun!

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This surely confirms the belief that 'Fashion is Pain'...but it doesn't have to be! Leave those trends to the super-natural skinny celebrities of the world who have PTs, nutritionists and chefs on hand; and we'll take the laid back uber cool ones - thank you very much!

Here's a goody to sign up for...easy, comfy, minimal thought but high impact....Statement Tees! 

It won't date (you probably already have some stuffed at the back of your wardrobe), can be worn with SO many combinations on the bottom half and gives a spruce-up to old outfits in a second! Dress down with skinnies and shorts, or dress up with leather pencil skirts or chunky high heels! 

If that wasn't easy enough I have even found the best of the best for you, these hot tees are just a click away.....
Markus Lupfer
Image via, £170

Lulu & Co
Image via, £130

Simon Farrar
Image via, £55

Zoe Karssen, €70

Local Celebrity,
Image via, £40

Mary Katranzou
Image via, £255

Image via, £162

Aimee by People Tree,
Image via, £30

Image via, £75

Simon Farrar,
Image via, £55
3.1 Phillip Lim,
Image via, £160

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