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Wednesday 4 July 2012

The Perfect Pair: Eternally, Effortlessly Chic Ray-Bans

The prefect pair of sunglasses have equal status to the little black dress as far as I'm concerned - no girl should be without either, they both have magical transformational powers and it's worth spending time, effort and a bit of cash to find the perfect ones... Essential to hide horrendous hangovers, puffy tired eyes and to prevent the unattractive squint when the sun does decide to come out to play - the right pair of sunglasses will keep you looking pulled together and glam all year round. 

The king of all sunglasses has to be the one and only Ray-Ban, they keep on kicking out timeless designs, are amazing quality and have that priceless 'cool' tag to their long standing brand. I love them....I am currently tracking at 3 pairs and am ready to grow my collection! 

Back in 1936 Ray-Bans were born, kicking off with the legendary Aviators designed specifically for the US Army Air Corps. In 1952 the Wayfarer came along - the first sign of fashion being introduced into sunglasses and an immediate hit. Exploding onto the film and celebrity scene, throughout the fifties and sixties everyone from Marilyn Monroe to James Dean and Bob Dylan made Wayfarers their shades of choice. Over the years the brand has continued to grow and become a favourite to all - you can't flick through a magazine or walk down Oxford Street without seeing a pair! 

The Round Frame design has been around for a while now - the iconic gold frame, green lense combo are a firm favourite however i'm loving the updated rose and blue tint lenses...

It seems it is not only me that is lusting after a pair...celebs galore have jumped on the band wagon...

Pixie Lott

Miley Cyrus

Sienna Miller

Mary-Kate Olsen

And to confirm my dedication to and love for Ray-bans, they've only gone and updated the Round-Frame design with leather frames in a range of amazing colours!!! They give an effortlessly retro, vintage edge to any outfit and at £170 a pair, it would be SILLY not to snap up a pair in every hue......

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  1. Trying not to sound like a snob but I believe those pair Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's are by Oliver Goldsmith. They are called Manhattan :-)

  2. Thank you! We stand corrected! Post updated! x The Mice