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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Wish you were at Wimbledon...

Wimbledon 2012 fever is well and truly in full swing...Venus was out in round one, Nadal was out in round two (to a guy ranked 100?!) and Murray is still going strong at round 4 (play has been suspended but he is one set up)...WHAT IS GOING ON?! Is it a sign that us Brits may do the country proud in at least one sporting event...surely we're due some luck after England's poor performance in the Euro, I doubt it very much but here's hoping! 

Along with majority of girls I know, I don't have a huge love for sport - I will go hit some golf balls with my dad, watch England embarrass themselves in the Euro / World Cup but that really is as far as my sport passion stretches...however I can't resist a bit of Wimbledon! Not only because it's deemed acceptable to drink copious amounts of Pimms and feast on a zillion strawberries, but there is something about the tennis championship which is just so British and quaint. 

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For me, Wimbledon was always linked to boiling hot days where I was torn between playing/sunbathing in the garden or sitting inside with the curtains closed (to prevent shadows on the TV not because I'm weird) and cheering with Biggie Mouse to the tennis (Middle mouse would always rather snooze!) We used to save the Wimbledon Championship league table from the Young Telegraph and dilligently fill it out together (Ok, we were a bit weird...)! 

These days I have to go to work and there doesn't seem to be an ounce of sunshine...on the up side, I am now old enough to drink Pimms and get into that side of the tennis spirit instead! The last couple of years just before the tournamnet begins I vow to go to Henman Hill / Murray Mount and pitch up with a picnic and the girls, I always see it on TV and think how fun it looks! However I haven't yet made it because a) work ruins everything and b) apparantly you have to queue (as I said, a very British event and we hate to queue for anything!!!). 

I have therefore come up with the next best thing....London Venues showing the Tennis...Pimms - Check! Friends - Check! Atmosphere - Check! Strawberries...I'm sure we can muster some up but if not M&S does the best monster strawberries that you can smuggle in!!! 

See my top picks below....

Bluebird, Chelsea

Back by popular demand, Bluebird have set up every tennis fan's dream in their forecourt on the King's Road. They have a huge outdoor screen, all day BBQ's, buckets full to the brim with beer for the boys and for the ladies - Pimms and Veuve Clicquot Champagne! Possibly the chicest way to watch the Championship, and what's more for the Men's final why not reserve your place for a three course feast for £50 pp and the best seat in the house!! Check out the website here for all the important details! 

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The Cadogan Arms , Chelsea

I haven't managed to venture to this beauty yet but I hear it's a goodie! If you want to take your tennis with the Chelsea crowd, sit among some trophy antlers, Chesterfields and stuffed birds...then this is your place! The food is supposed to be pretty impressive and the cocktails divine...throw in big screens and a Wimbledon Martini (fresh strawberries shaken with Pampero Blanco rum, topped with a layer of whipping cream and amaretto biscuit) and Bob's your scrumptious uncle! Check it out my friends right here!

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Westbourne House, Notting Hill Gate

I love Westbourne House for after work cocktails, the venue has cute street side seating, delish cocktails and snug booths lit by hanging lanterns...the perfect combination of smart, cosy chic I'd say! They have pulled out all the stops for Wimbledon even going as far as laying faux green grass beneath the outdoor tables and giving the menu a complete overhaul for the occasion! We made our way through the Hendricks Posh Pimm's cup which arrived in a china teapot (refreshing if a little strange) and also sampled the Rumbling Rose! I can't remember the exact ingredients but it was lethal and pink and definitely had Hendricks in it...YUM!  I forgot to mention there are a few screens inside showing the tennis, but with the quirky menu don't feel bad if your attention is focused elsewhere! 

Some of our lucky friends have managed to bag some tickets and made it down to the real deal...reign in those boastful Facebook updates or the mice will have to 'de-friend' you....

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  1. Hahaha! Love the "smoasting" rebuke! Martin