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Wednesday 20 January 2016

Sofa Sundays...

If, like me, you're still in Sunday hibernation mode, then you'll appreciate the feeling of finishing a really awesome box set and the gaping hole it leaves in your life!! I get so engrossed in the characters and story-lines that I genuinely feel as if I know them / am part of their world!!!

I'm up to date on all episodes of Greys Anatomy, Suits, Scandal, Girls, Orange is The New Black, True Blood, Entourage and even Nashville... so now it's time to start a newbie! 

Decision made. Making A Murderer it is... we started watching and were finding it all very confusing keeping track of who was who and what they were referring to, only to find out when the episode finished that Middle Mouse had started us on the last episode by mistake?! So another one bites the dust!!

There's so many recommended, it's just where to start... Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Game of Thrones... all constantly raved about but just not what I'm after! I want suspense, tears, lovable characters and a few beautiful people to become obsessed with... Avery, Harvey, McSteamy... I'm not picky!  

Completely confused and daunted by the prospect of getting to grips with a whole new cast and story, I've decided instead to catch up on trillions of films I've never got round to watching whilst nursing my unenviable Sunday hangover! 

So far my favourites and perfect for your next day of lounging are... 

The Next Three Days - Russell Crowe plays the lead character who becomes obsessed with the idea of breaking his wrongly convicted wife out of prison. You'll be kept on the edge on your sofa from start to finish!

The Departed - a stellar cast and an amazing watch! Leonardo, Matt and Jack have you immediately engrossed in the corrupt and darn right stressful story of gangsters and police moles! 

Law Abiding Citizen - another one to keep you gripped and guessing, Gerard Butler calls the shots like the boss that he is, along with Jamie Foxx in the plot of ultimate revenge. 

Whiplash - the story of a drummer and (scary!) jazz conductor, slightly dark and intense in places but pretty amazing, compelling and beautifully shot. 

Soooooooo Grab a duvet, hot water bottle, hop into your PJs and get watching my friends...more to come soon! 

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