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Friday 15 January 2016

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to our favourite people in the whole wide world...

After the most indulgent Christmas, in every sense of the word, we're BACK! Suitably rested and revitalised for 2016...well we were but with two working week under our belt, we're just about ready for another break!!

When we haven't been resisting the urge to pour a glass of champagne at midday or nibble on a late night cheese board...the mice have mostly been...

Tricking ourselves into getting up at the crack of dawn to fit in an early morning gym you can imagine it isn't going too well! With our body clocks accustomed to lay ins, afternoon naps and generally being super duper lazy - we're struggling to say the least!

Each day I convince myself 'tomorrow I'll be good and give myself no option'....the very next day there is absolutely nothing that will pull me from my cosy duvet cocoon any earlier than is required, especially not in the pitch black and squeezed into Lycra!

Something has to give, otherwise we'll officially have to change the name of the blog to 2 bad mice and 1 chubby kid...and that's clearly not catchy enough!!

So my plan of action...purchase brand new gym get up as motivation...anything as an excuse to shop! Plus with sales coming to an end, there's some serious bargains to be far I've snapped up... 

And the most comfortable running trainers in the world...

And now I have my eye on these little beauties... 

Reliving every moment of the amazingly scrumptious Hoppers. If you've never made it to Gymkhana (shame - you should as it's simply awesome in every way!) then here's your chance to experience creations from it's new slightly more attainable sister!

The Sethi siblings have struck again with this gem, located in the heart of Soho on Frith Street with a concept based around Sri Lankan street food.

You'll have to grin and bare the 'no reservations' policy yet again - however once your name is down you can keep track of your table progress via a link on Qudini. Fear not you can very easily pass your wait time just around the corner at Chotto Matte who do a mean Pisco Sour...the perfect solution to sup away whilst timing your cocktail rounds according to your table countdown!

Once you're in, the wood panelling, yellow patterned floor tiles and soft lighting creates an upbeat and inviting vibe, perfect for a Friday night meal with friends to kick off the weekend! 

Now onto more important matters...the menu! 

We went for a handful of short eats which are perfect to share - our favourites were the mutton rolls, hot butter devilled shrimps and bone marrow varuval with the most delicious pillowy rotis to soak up the rich buttery sauce!

Then for the main event you order meat or fish with either a hopper or dosa! I went for a hopper (which I was obsessed with when we visited Sri Lanka a few years ago) and of course opted for the egg version! For those of you who don't know, hoppers are bowl shaped pancakes made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk (with an optional fried egg at the bottom) and a dosa is a crepe made from rice batter and black lentils. 

Following our lovely waitress' recommendation, I opted for the black pork with the trio of chutneys - tender pork in a deep sticky marinade - if I could have licked my plate I definitely would have!!!

And just because we're piglets we also ordered the renowned buffalo buriani to share - make sure you save room as definitely one not to be missed! A show stopping huge portion of buffalo shank and rice served with duck egg curry, yogurt and aubergine pickle...YUM!!!!

Once our banquet was complete there was no chance of fitting in dessert, however we of course said yes to a cocktail or 2! Which once again they excelled at and notched up another A* - their talents are endless! I'm now officially in love with the Hopper G&T, a mix of lemongrass infused Sipsmith gin, lemongrass and tonic...delish and oh so easy to slurp away!  

And the final bonus, your bill arrives and there's not a wince in sight!! Get yourself down there ASAP and make sure you starve yourself all day in preparation! 

Before I convince myself to return for another sitting, I better shimmy into my lycra and burn some buriani!!!


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