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Wednesday 9 December 2015

Rip-roaring Roast : Blacklock...

A while back we bought you a rave restaurant review on the meaty delight that is Blacklock. See it here if you missed it. Well we went back for seconds last Sunday to taste test their rip-roaring roast and may I just say... roast I've had in yearsssssss! 

We opted for the 'all in' which offered up beautiful cuts of beef, pork and lamb alongside the crispiest roasted potatoes and the biggest Yorkshire puds I've ever seen - they put Aunt Bessies to absolute shame! You then get to pick three side dishes of which we opted for a helping of moreishly good cauliflower cheese, buttery roots and broccoli. The piglets that we are, we actually ended up ordering ANOTHER cauliflower as it was just too damn tasty! The feast also came with an array of sauces to complement the meat - Apple mayo (strange sounding combo but surprisingly scrummy), mint sauce and horseradish. All washed down with a few alcoholic beverages – three very happy Sunday roast campers! 

You would think after all of that we would be ready to pop. Well, yes we were but that still didn’t deter us from ordering up a giant helping of the famous white chocolate cheesecake. It’s served up as you would do so at home, in a sizeable white porcelain dish. They bring the pudding dish to your table with a hefty spoon and dollop a large helping onto your plate. They don’t scrimp where portions are concerned so my advice to you is get one serving and share… It comes with a beautiful bowl of stewed rhubarb – there was mixed feelings from the group about this addition but I personally thought it’s tang complimented the sweet dessert perfectly!

A few hours later, we had to quite literally be rolled out of there but it was totally worth it. You can't beat a cracking Sunday roast now you can and this one guarantees meat sweats – you’ve been warned!

24 Great Windmill St, 
0203 441 6996

Serves roasts every Sunday from 12 - 5pm

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