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Friday 7 August 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

This week has provoked mixed emotions - unhealthy obsession over the new box set I've just started watching, Suits - #iheartharvey, to tube strike drama with lots of pushing and cross mutterings! It's been a rollercoaster of a week BUT it has to be said through all of that i've been dreaming of...

... doing exactly that for a whole week from this Saturday! Mini mouse and I are off to Ibiza with our lovely pals Nikki and Holman. We plan to party hard, snooze in the sunshine, consume copious amounts of gin and champagne, tan ourselves up good and proper and come back feeling slightly more ruined than we did when we went! Wish us luck!

Other than the above, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Listening to the hauntingly beautiful 'When It Comes To us' by Frances on constant repeat! A serious tune with dangerously addictive qualities - every opportunity I can I'm listening to it and after listening to it I'm humming it all day long! It never grows tired. I've decided this is going to be my chill out song in Ibiza next week when I'm hungover to high heaven! Listen and love...

Telling anyone that will listen to book a table at Kitty Fisher's pronto! It's been on my dine out wish list for many months now and finally last Friday I bagged a reservation - I booked back in May mind! Like Chiltern Firehouse, it's another one of those restaurants boasting the 'I must go now' quality. Out of the two however I'd confidently say Kitty blows Chiltern out of the water every time.

As I said, I booked well in advance to make sure I secured a spot to celebrate Mini Mouse turning the grand old age of 30. Like me, she's been desperate to check it out - Grace Dent's glowing review for the Evening Standard sealed the deal for her. Read it here

We arrived straight from work and were greeted by a jolly chap who whisked us downstairs to our table. No fuss - straight in. En route he asked the question 'which one of you is Alice' - at this point I was a little confused as I hadn't told him we were celebrating her 30th...

Once seated at our delightfully cosy basement table we were handed menus and told to 'sit tight - we have a special surprise for you' ... it was at this point I gained a bit of clarity - this has HK Mouse written all over it ... she's known for pulling off legendary sister treats! Sure enough the waiter returns with an icy cold bottle of Champagne - yes, she's done it again ... she'd called up in advance and asked the owner to selected a bottle of his finest fizz. What a cracker she is! 

A few sips later, our tummies were starting to grumble - high time we got our food order in! To start, we chose the beef tartar, rosemary, nasturtium & rye alongside the taleggio, London honey, summer truffle & grilled bread. Both were superb. Onto the main course... we had read fantastic things about the Galician beef sirloin, a review on the Telegraph said:

'It was unlike anything I have ever tasted. The flavour seemed to change and grow across the cut, so that towards its fatty edges it was so rich and deep that I had the intoxicating sensation of chasing the essence of purest cow.' 

I'm not entirely sure what all of that paragragh actually means (!) but I'm so glad I read it and was was sucked in because O-M-G this dish is sent from heaven. The sides are exceptional too - spinach, charred onions, pickled walnuts and Cornish earlies (potatoes) oozing with mustard and Tunworth, a cow’s-milk cheese that tasted much like Camembert. I would happily eat it every day for the rest of my life! 

You would think that we'd be near to bursting by now but oh no no no, we had room for puds and we ordered up two, the greedy goats that we are! Lemon tart and grilled English strawberries with shortbread crumble and clotted cream ice cream...

The whole evening was perfect from the pop of the Champagne cork to the last crumb of lemon tart. All we can say is get booking and go hungry...

Topping up my gold and rose gold collection with stunning earrings from Tada & Toy. A few weeks back a journalist rocked up at a press show I was managing wearing a fabulous pair of star earrings. Before she even uttered her name, I had asked the million dollar question 'where did you get your darling earrings from?' ... she then shared the Tada secret and I'm so glad she did!

I'm now the proud owner of the crystalised hexagon hoops and the star hoops. Next month I think I'll have to snap up the shark tooth necklace - it's just so darn pretty! 

That's me spent but before I go we just wanted to let you know that we won't be blogging next week because we'll be busy sunning ourselves instead #sorrynotsorry 

See you on the other side Micettes! 

Lots of love 

The Mice

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  1. Enjoy Ibiza and the birthday celebrations. Kitty's looks wonderful I really want to try the Galician beef sirloin looks delicious Lucy x