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Monday 24 August 2015

Eivissa Essentials...

Panic over, we're back...

We had every intention of just a week's break, however after eight days in Ibiza, we needed a few more to recover! We're clearly not 18 anymore with the ability to function on a handful of zzzz's and still maintain a fun and friendly exterior! Oh noooo...going back to work was task enough, without the added brain power to piece together a coherent blog for all of you lovely lot.

However long story short, here we are!

We had one cracking holiday which we'd do anything to start from scratch but we made sure we enjoyed every last minute! Nothing was done by halves, we spent the team kitty like monopoly bills, drank Gin Mare like it was water, ate manchego cheese and Jamon like it was going out of fashion and danced as if our life's depended on it. No wonder we needed a week's recovery hey?!

If we had one tip to share for a killer trip to the White Isle, it would be book ahead. There're so many amazing places in Ibiza but they all require a reservation, so it's key to plan before you go to avoid missing out. We were desperate to try La Oliva but as we hadn't pre-booked we couldn't get a table for love nor money...we therefore need to plan to go back pronto!

So to avoid sorely missing out here are 3BM's top 5 Eivissa essentials to hit up on your next trip to ensure its one to remember...

Experimental Beach - one of my favourite discoveries on the beautiful White Isle and officially my new happy place! Think a boho chic beach club located down a very long, windy dirt track, sat on top of a rock!

From the wonders behind the Experimental Cocktail Club, this is perfect combination...sun, cocktails shaken to perfection, chill out background music (we were loving the reggae!) and awesome food! I thoroughly enjoyed a bowl piled high with humongous mussels cooked in the most delicious Thai coconut sauce...yum yum yum!

To top it all off the sunset view is incredible and that kicks-off party time...not to be missed. However book both beds and a table for lunch / dinner ahead, when we were there people were turned away as they were fully booked for over a week!! 

Beachouse - if you have a Sunday in Ibiza, there is no other place to spend it! Either head down before 11am to get one of the loungers on the public part of the beach (just in front of the restaurant) so you can see all the action unfold right before your eyes from the comfort of your bed, or head down a little later when the fun has started - the party starts to get raucous from 6pm onwards!

By day it's a serene place to be - a long stretch of golden beach, comfy loungers and drink service to your bed - what more could you ask for?! Make sure you ring ahead and get a lunch reservation, the food is scrumptious especially the linguine with an ice cold glass of rose - I'm weeping at the memory!

By night the DJ ramps the party up, the tables and chairs are moved away and the Beachouse is transformed into one killer beach party!! Don't miss it! 

Pacha - obviously an Ibizan institution and my favourite club on the island. Laid back, fun, not an ounce of pretentiousness and awesome pretty much every night! If a club can open in 1973 and still be rated one of the best, need I say anymore? Just GO! 

Lio - one to add to the POA to totally mix it up. Firstly...girls you can dress up, mainly the Ibiza uniform consists of beachwear or ripped shorts and flip flops, however Lio is another story. It's all about glamour and heels - if you can hack it!!

Lio is predominately a restaurant and bar with performers, you have to see it to believe it. The dining tables are arranged around a platform which has an open wall behind it with the marina and yachts as a back drop - pretty incredible in itself. From 10pm to 1am around every ten minutes an act will come on, from acrobats to burlesque, group dances to a man doing incredible things with just his body and a you can tell by this point the gin was taking over...but I wouldn't want to spoil it anyway!!!

It's expensive, even for Ibiza, so expect to pay around 23 euros for a gin but well worth it. If you don't want to eat, you can head down from 10pm and pay 70 euros entry which includes your first drink. Be prepared to be bamboozled and amazed! 

El Chiringuito - finally my favourite place for a relaxed boozy long lunch has to be this beauty. Owned by the same team behind Beachouse, you still have that cool beachy vibe but on a larger scale, with a bigger (and better!) menu and a more chilled atmosphere.

Again get there before 11am to bag one of the public loungers which still gets you El Chiringuito sunbed service, and kick back and relax!

It's the perfect location for a hungover hazy beach day followed by a delectable feast and your first cocktail of the day to wash the hangover away! Make sure you try the steak tartar and buratta - we gobbled the whole lot up in seconds!!!! 

Get all these gems on your Ibiza POA and if you don't enjoy yourself I'll eat my Melissa odabash Fedora - oh no, wait we lost that whilst stumbling around drunk on day 1!



  1. Great list of spots! I love Experimental. Can I ask for an outfit shout out - where is the gorgeous denim maxi/ top skirt combo from?! Stunning and perfect for my end of summer St Tropez trip...

  2. Hi Lovely Percy! It's from Reformation (!