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Friday 26 June 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Yes it is and we've got that Fri-yay feeling! Bring on the fun...

This week we've been on countdown mode BECAUSE Hong Kong mouse is coming home to us next week! Don't get too excited .. she's not coming back for good just a flying visit. We're looking forward to plenty of sissy time, catch ups over cocktails and lots and lots of fun! 

Butttttttttttt putting our forthcoming sister reunion to one side, This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Majorly crushing over the hot and steamy TV series 'The Affair'. If you've been meaning to watch it and haven't I urge you to act now!! I had heard great things from a few friends and work colleagues but just needed a window of weekend sofa time to snuggle up, settle down and get stuck into the series. 

Word of warning up front, it's a little bit of a slow burner but once in you're well and truly in! For starters the lead actor Dominic West is outrageously handsome. The acting is superb with the series already bagging two Golden Globes and the plotline is seriously seductive and oh-so-addictive. I don't want to give too much away for those that haven't seen it but essentially the show follows a married father of four, Noah and a married waitress, Alison and their summer love affair together behind their partners and families backs. Each episode is split into two halves following the same scenerios but through Noah and Alison's different perspectives. 

Oh and did I mention Joshua Jackson, my childhood crush from Dawson's Creek is also in the stellar cast line-up - swoon! I'm already looking ahead to season two - which by the way is confirmed ... yay! I dare you not to fall for the show... hard!

When my bum hasn't firmly been planted on the sofa because i've been engrossed by The Affair, i've been getting my fit on! There's nothing quite like a gym gear spree to give me a new fitness lease of life. 

And in my personal opinion, no one does it better that the big boys over at Adidas! I'm already a proud wearer of a few colour popping Stella McCartney pieces from a while back but most recently I snapped up a piece from the Originals Rita Ora Collection - basically her bold dress sense injected into classic sporting styles. I opted for a pair of cool black & white smoke design leggings but couldn't control myself enough to just buy one thing and so I also ended up getting a marble-look Stella M sports top as well. Check me, checking myself in the mirror below...!

Run Print tank top - half price at the mo at £32.50

Playing the spine-tingling 'Are You' from Francesca Belmonte on repeat. I challenge you not to be hooked the first time you listen to this. Moody beats mashed up with hauntingly beautiful vocals - every time I listen to the track it sends me into a dream-like state or to another planet altogether! 

It would seem Britain really does have talent because the lovely Francesca is from the UK - hooray! 


And that brings me onto my parting image for you! Life is like a bowl of strawberries, tasty and oh so sweet...

Have a super weekend all! 

Lots of love,

The Mice 

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