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Monday 29 June 2015

Angelica Hicks

Because it's Monday and that means we all need a little cheering up (unless like me, you happen to be on holiiiiiday! But more on that another time...), here's a little bit of fabulous to brighten up your day.

I stumbled across Angelica Hicks' awesome Instagram feed last week courtesy of someone else who had posted her Hen Party illustration. I clicked through to her profile, got sucked down the Insta-rabbit warren, and spent the next hour scrolling through all her beautiful and incredibly witty creations.

Angelica's work is like 3BM fav, Simon Drew for Voguettes. A little bit of fashion and a sprinkle of celebrity seen through the eyes of a super sharp, pun-tastic master of bold illustration. The fact she turned out to be a creative genius is hardly surprising though given that her mother's Italian fashion and textiles designer, Allegra Hicks, and her father is author, architect and interior designer, Ashely Hicks... We're expecting equally huge things from Angelica in the very near future.

Here are just a couple of my favs for your Monday viewing pleasure...

Rather excitingly, Angelica's website says that there's an e-shop launching soon, and having Insta-stalked her, it seems that she's selling her prints via London pop-up, rail_store which looks as though it's only popping-up til 30th June. So, marks get set, race you to snap up a little piece of fashion fabulousness....

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