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Friday 8 May 2015

This Week the Mice Have Mostly Been...

Oh yes, it'ssssss....

And boy are we happy about that! From London to Hong Kong, the last seven days have been a blur of spreadsheets and green juices with a whole heap of tight deadlines and early morning cardio sessions piled on top. In a word - dull.

This weekend we're more than ready for a cheat treat or two, a couple of lie-ins and more than a bit of lying supine on the sofa with nothing more pressing to worry about than which magazine to read next. Before we get going on that, we thought we'd bring you a quick whizz through what's new and noteworthy with us, so, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Curing the homesickness pangs with a thoroughly British evening at the Hong Kong Timothy Oulton store on St Francis Street in Wanchai. We have a serious weak spot for Timothy Oulton's heritage British home decor and the Wanchai store is like stepping into a little corner of home.

On Wednesday night the store hosted a Style & the City event in celebration of stylish women in Hong Kong - the perfect chance to sip Champagne, nibble mindblowingly great chocolates from the Artist while draping ourselves in 9th Muse bling and catching up with some seriously stylish girls.

Best of all, on the top floor of the store (right next to the world's comfiest sofa festooned with marshmallowy Union Jack cushions) was a Jo Malone scent bar. We're total suckers for anything and everything Jo Malone and after a chat with the scent specialist we now have a few new additions to our Malone wishlists....

Kicking ourselves for missing out on snapping up a whole new summer wardrobe at last weekend's Island State pop-up. Last Friday we noticed a riot of prints and colour in a shop right next to Mice Towers HK. A quick peek in and we discovered rails crammed with photo print swimwear and silk Kaftans all with surprisingly reasonable price tags. Cue little dance of shopping glee.

Images via: Facebook

After an excited dash around the shop and a chat with the lovely owner of the brand, Jenna, we discovered that this was a three day to pop-up to celebrate the launch in Hong Kong of Australian swimwear label, Island State. The brand's bikinis and one pieces each feature prints of Jenna's own photographs from her travels around the world from New York to Positano and the line's resortwear comes in an array of kaleidoscopic printed silks. We decided to head back with our credit cards for a shopping spree a little later in the weekend but one thing lead to another and before you could say 'bikini' the pop-up had disappeared.

Luckily Island State ships globally, so a whole new beach bag full of bikinis is just a click away. We're currently eyeing up these babies...

One Piece

The Lover Playsuit

Swooning over some serious sparkle at the Sergio Rossi Bridal collection launch.

We may have neglected to mention the fact that HK Mice is now Married Mouse... The wedding was a very small, quiet wedding at the end of last year, but it obviously couldn't be left at that. There needed to be Champagne, armfuls of peonies, a big white dress and the mother of all parties... So later this year will be the Wedding II, the Party Edition. In preparation, there's plenty of bridezillaing going on and little chat about anything non-nuptial related. So, there were whoops all round when we were invited to the Sergio Rossi Hong Kong Bridal Collection launch.

The Elements store was stuffed to bursting with gorgeous floral arrangements, celebs clinking Champagne flutes and bowls overflowing with sugared almonds. And then there were the shoes. Sandals, peeptoes and even flats in white, blush and navy (perfect for an offbeat colour pop and obviously your something blue) all adorned with some heavy duty sparkle.

A couple of the styles launch in July (but can be pre-ordered now) and the rest are ready and waiting for you to come and sweep them off their plinthe. No ring on your finger? These beauties certainly aren't for brides only. If you learnt anything from Cinderella, it's that a pair of shoes can change your life...

And on that note, all that's left for us to do is wish you a very, very...

The Mice

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