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Friday 20 February 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

We come bearing good news... it's Frrrrriiiiiiiiday!

That's right, look, even the unicorns are excited...

OK, so for us HK peeps, this does mean we're one day down on our super long weekend but there are still three whole days to go which is almost as awesome as talking unicorns. We have Chinese New Year and the brand new year of the Sheep to thank for our double helping of weekend. The city's awash with red and gold, tiny orange trees and strings of lanterns. I'm mainly celebrating with lots of lazy lie-ins, plenty of feasting, drinking and being merry, and a whole heap of curling up on the sofa reading magazines and drinking tea. Bliss! 

In fact the only thing missing from my Baa-rilliant New Year celebrations is this very apt little sheep mug...

Etsy Sheep Mug

And at that price, I may just have to snap up his foxy little brother too...

Etsy Fox Mug

When we haven't been shopping for puntastic animal mugs, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Blissing out at the Caudalie Boutique Spa testing out the new Premier Cru facial. 

I nabbed a bottle of the brand new Caudalie Premier Cru Elixir a month ago and am now totally obsessed with it. Part oil, part serum, I slather this wonder product on before bed each night and a month in, I'm already feeling that my skin feels firmer, smoother and just generally looks fresher and more glowy. So when I heard that the boutique spa in Soho had launched a Premier Cru facial, I booked myself in double quick.

On Tuesday evening, after a particularly manic day in the office, I arrived at the Caudalie spa feeling frazzled, stressed and in need of some looking after. Luckily within seconds, I was settled in a squishy armchair and handed a cup of red vine and cinnamon detox tea to sip while my therapist talked me through the evening's treatment.   

Fully briefed on the products and the next fifty minutes' bliss-out, we headed up to the cosy candlelit treatment room.  

After I'd changed and hopped under the duvet my therapist began to weave her magic. The facial includes all the usual cleansing, scrubbing and massage along with a gel mask, an eyebrow tidy and not one, not two but three applications of the Premier Cru Elixir.

Fifty minutes later, I emerged feeling zen and glowy, with all the day's stresses and strains a distant memory. I have a feeling I may have just found another Caudalie obsession to add to the list...

Turbo-Charging our snacking with a bit of Superfood Lab's brilliance. Crazy long days at work, bars that never close and sky-high pollution levels - sometimes it seems like living healthily in Hong Kong is pretty much impossible. Add to that the fact that it's now February and all shiny new year best intentions are dulling and you can see why I was pretty overjoyed when a box full of super foods turned up on my doorstep. 

Superfood Lab is a Hong Kong company that makes 100% natural, organic products packed with antioxidants and all the other good stuff you need to battle an unhealthy city lifestyle.

My Superfood Lab hamper included Acai Berry powder, two boxes of supplement powders to be added to drinks and a bag of dried Goldenberries.

I'm already a fan of acai berry powder which I add to my post work-out protein shakes for a little antioxidant boost. Goldenberries though were completely new to me. I decided to take them to the office to keep in my desk drawer for emergency moments of extreme hanger. These bad boys may not look much, but unlike other dried fruits, they aren't sugary sweet and have a slightly tart taste. The perfect mid-afternoon pick me up.

The superfood powders are designed to be added to smoothies, juices or just mixed with water. The Super Green PH is a little bit of an acquired taste but that's something you can live with when it delivers such a big dose of alkalising green goodness. Better still though is the Super Red Antiox which tastes like a big glass of berry juice while also promising to fight the damage that UV light and pollution causes to our skin and generally make you look younger and feel perkier. Why would you not drink this every day?   

HKers, you can snap up your very own stash of Superfood amazingness at one of these Hong Kong stockists, or you can buy online from Sunshine Valley.

Making an Autumn shopping list which basically just reads 'J.Crew'. Fashion month has got off to a stellar start in the mega-icy Big Apple. Our stand-out moment of the week so far though, was the J.Crew presentation which had us drooling while simultaneously running complicated calculations of how we could save enough cash to snap up the entire collection come the cold snap. It's a luxe riot of touch-me-now textures and scrumptious autumnal colours with a generous sprinkle of sparkle. In short, we cannot wait for this little lot to hit the shops.

And that's that for another week. We'll leave you with a little sage weekend advice...

Lots of love
The Mice

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