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Tuesday 9 December 2014

3BM Kitchen : Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies...

I don't know about anyone else but now that winter has officially rolled in, I'm finding it practically impossible to lead a healthy life! With dark frosty mornings it's hard enough to peel myself out of bed let alone contemplate an early morning jog or gym visit and after a long day in the office and freezing commute home, a salad is the last thing I'm craving...more like a bowl piled high with carbs!   

There's only one thing for it...if we're going to be bad let's be really bad and do it properly!! All I can say is thank God it's the season for cosy dressing...kick those crop tops to the curb and grab that over sized knitwear! 
So let's kick this sinful season off with a corker...double chocolate, nutty, gooey brownies! 
I blogged a few weeks ago about my November Flavour Full Stop box which opened my eyes to Doorstop Baking. To you and me, that's a glass jar with all the essential ingredients ready for you to assemble in a matter of minutes and devour! Saves you having to lug heavy bags of flour home from the supermarket and you can do away with weighing scales painfully converting grams to cups, spooning and measuring! 
All you need are the wet ingredients (which obviously wouldn't be too pretty in the jar) and are fridge staples anyway - eggs and butter - throw all together and hey presto you're done! And what's more...they are D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S! 
This is how...

If brownies aren't your thing then there are many others to pick from...American Pancakes, M&M Cookies, Chocolate Orange Muffins...I can already feel the pounds piling on just typing those words...!!


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