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Thursday 7 August 2014

3BM Kitchen : Fresh Figs, Goats Cheese, Prosciutto & Truffle Honey...

I simply love truffles! Shaved on top of a dish as a finishing touch, infused in pasta or oil or my new obsession - truffle honey!

I first sampled the amazing flavour whilst holidaying in Barbados and since then, whenever I spot it on a menu I need to look no further! You may have seen on the blog that earlier this year I spent a week in Florence and Tuscany, and during m trip, when I wasn't on the hunt for a bottle of the best truffle oil for Middle Mouse, I mostly whiled away the days gorging on fresh truffle pasta...paradise!!!

So you can imagine my excitement when I ripped open a jar of truffle honey from one of best friends for my birthday! Since then I have been brainstorming recipes that I can use my new honey in...I thought truffle honey on toast may be taking it too far, but if I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner I would in a heartbeat! it is SERIOUSLY delicious with a capital D!

One evening after a long day at work Middle Mouse and I thought why not be slightly extravagant and kick off a Wednesday evening with G&T's and a starter of fresh figs, goats cheese, prosciutto ham and truffle honey?! We couldn't think of any reason not to so here goes.....!

You need...

- Fresh figs - 2 per person ( or as many as you can get your hands on - the only place I could find them was Harrods food hall...see I did say extravagant!!) 

- Goats cheese
- Truffle honey 
- Prosciutto ham (2 slices per person)
- Sea salt

How to...

1. Preheat the grill 

2. Slice the figs in half length ways and place on a baking tray

3. Slice up the goats cheese and place a piece in the middle of each half 

4. Place under the grill for 3 minutes (keep an eye as they can turn quickly and start to burn)

5. Once browned remove from the grill, drizzle with the honey and sprinkle with sea salt

6. Serve with prosciutto on the side and ENJOY!!!!


  1. YUM. This looks so delicious. I am the worst cook, but this doesn't look so bad, I might give it a go!

    1. So delish and SUPER easy! You must try and let us know what you think! x

  2. Yummy this is my perfect foodie feast. I love figs, goats cheese and prosciutto. I will need to try this Lucy x

    1. You can get the honey from a big M&S - absolute essential ingredient! x