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Friday 13 June 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

All I can say is thank GOD...

Another week zooms by and I have to admit it's been pretty uneventful. Packed full of juices, health and gym visits to try and make right of all the weekend wrongs in our food and drink world!

We're now one week closer to not only our next holiday but most importantly The World Cup! Patriotic loyalty at the never know?! A post is winging it's way next week on 3BM's fav haunts to watch all the fun pan out, so keep your eyes peeled!

When we haven't been polishing our health halo or warming up our vocal chords with 'God Save the Queen'...The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Juicing like it's going out of good little gym bunnies we continued our health kick this week in a bid to look in tip top shape for our Portugal holiday coming up!

I posted a few weeks back about our first juice experience - however I must admit I wasn't the biggest fan of the bitter beetroot and grapefruit combo! However since then we've trialed a few more options and found a couple we actually look forward to in the morning!

See our favourite recipe below...

You Need (serves 2)...

1 apple
1 pear
3 sticks celery - chopped
1 handful of kale
Zest and juice of 1 lime
1 handful of mint (optional)

To Do...

1. Chop everything up (making sure you core the apple and pear)

2. Add 1 small glass of water (add as much as you need to get a drinkable consistency)

3. Blitz and serve over ice!

Scouting out new additions for our little black book after posting our top London sun traps last week. 

To celebrate the end of a hellish week and that we officially made it to Friday (even with a two day Chiltern Firehouse induced hangover - a post coming next week!) we thought it would be criminal to miss the opportunity of some Friday evening sunshine drinks.

Where to go though? It had been a scorcher of a day so no doubt every rooftop would be ram packed without a reservation and we weren't up for queuing, we just needed a small space for a cheeky few en route home.

In the end we decided to check out the brand new Ham Yard Hotel. With a large outdoor courtyard and central location it ticked all boxes and being a newbie I was intrigued to see what was on offer! 

After my iPhone took me on a wild goose chase around Piccadilly Circus I eventually located my goal and found my friend patiently sitting at a sweet pistachio green wrought iron table. The courtyard was large but not too packed, had a buzzy atmosphere and attentive service. As a part of the Firmdale Hotel Group I knew it wouldn't disappoint, and evidently has a great team of people behind it who know exactly what they're doing.

I haven't written a whole review as we only stopped by for a bottle of wine and a quick chatter to catch up on the weeks events; however I couldn't resist popping my head inside and caught a glimpse of the slick interior. High ceilings, mismatched prints, feature wall paper and over sized chandeliers, plus I also heard rumors of a private rooftop and bowling alley - I reckon we may just be back! 

It doesn't hurt that the cocktail list looks pretty killer as well...! 

Fondly eyeing up Middle Mouse's brand new Miu Miu purchase. Preparation for holiday is underway and day by day parcels are appearing ram packed with summer holiday 'essentials'!

As she almost certainly doesn't have enough sunglasses (her current collection could only cover a different pair a day with a few midday costume changes!!!) a brand spanking new pair were in desperate need! 

They're not just any standard pair either...cushioned in a pastel pink velvet case, these tortoise shell beauties have a classic cat slant shape but with gem and stud encrusted arms...simply dazzling!!! 

I wonder when she will deem it acceptable to find them propped upon my nose!!!! 

So finally I thought I'd leave you with my feel good song of the day - Clean Bandit's amazing Live Lounge cover of Lorde's hit Royals.

Now get those party pants on it's time for the weekendddddd!

All that's left to say is...


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  2. Making your own smoothy is a great way to get fruit and veg that you wouldn't otherwise eat. Have you heard of vital greens? That is what I am to mine now and it makes me feel healthy, skin and hair looks better on it too. The hotel looks lovely and glad that you found it in the end and had a nice cold bottle of wine. Have a nice weekend Lucy x