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Wednesday 28 May 2014

3BM Kitchen : Ruby Juice...

After trucksful of pasta, bucketsful of prosecco and far too many boards full of meats and cheeses, it's safe to say that my Italian adventures have left me feeling a little sluggish. I wouldn't have done it any differently but a health kick is now desperately required to get me back on the bikini diet - especially as my next beach break is under a month away! 
When researching for my cauliflower post last week, I also stumbled across a very motivational juice post on my new favourite blog Eat Yourself Skinny. Now I know there are some negatives linked to juicing diets but I think as long as you stick to majority vegetable juices, you're in the safe zone. You want to steer clear of 100% fruit juices as they may taste like a tropical dream but are actually jam-packed full of sugar. The intention is healthy however, realistically you wouldn't sit down for breakfast and munch your way through two apples, two pears and three kiwi fruits would you?!
I hold my hands up - I've never tried a vegetable juice before so my guess is as good as yours... If I'm honest, I'm a little scared, but with additions like cucumber, mint and lemon I'm hoping all that kale and celery will be transformed into a light and fresh glass of deliciousness...fingers crossed!
Over the next few weeks London Towers is going to be juicing up a storm - we are going to kick off slowly with juice breakfasts followed by healthy lunches and dinners and see how we go from there! We will of course be sure to keep you posted on all favourites along the way but first up, we introduce...Ruby Juice!
Here goes...
You Need...
3 cucumbers
1 beetroot
1 red grapefruit

To Do...
1. If you have a juicer then the whole process should be a little quicker as you can literally chop everything in half and away you go. However as beginners we are starting out with a blender. So, just make sure you chop everything a little smaller and take off any hard rinds. 


2. It's as simple as chucking everything into a blender, using the settings to blend fast and then slower, fast and then slower - until you have a juice consistency. (Feel free to add a little water to get the juicing going).

3. Once blended serve straight up or if you want a smoother finish pour through a sieve 
4. Slurppppp away! 


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  1. I've been thinking about doing a juice cleanse for ages - I reckon I could convince myself this is a cocktail! Will definitely give it a try x