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Tuesday 13 May 2014

WOW Wedges...

It's fair to say that all three of us have a slight shoe obsession. In fact our love of all things from sandal to stiletto should probably be more accurately described as a full blown serious addiction! This was ignited in all of us back when we would play games involving the dressing up hamper and Mummy Mouse's shoes (unfortunately she was a size 7 so we never actually grew into them - we just had constant bruises from all the stumbling!)

As we grew older there was the manic need and desire for Clark's Magic Steps shoes (complete with the secret lock and key in the sole) which over the years was replaced by a yearning for Christian Louboutins and studded Valentinos! Our view when it comes to shoes is beauty is pain, and HK mouse takes this to the absolute max with her towering Giuseppe Zanotti's...

Whilst considering outfits for my upcoming Tuscan getaway, I started to struggle when it came to the shoes currently in my wardrobe that could cover off all the occasions that I need to dress for. I don't want to be tottering around Florence all day with aching arches and sore soles but a super chic outfit is never quite complete with a pair of flats (no, I'm still not a total flats convert, even after my recent So Long Heels post!). At the end of our city break we head into the hills for one of my best friend's wedding, so there are many situations and combinations to consider and very little packing space!

After much thought, I came to the perfect solution - wedges. They're the perfect all rounder and the most comfortable version of a heel. Wedges still give that much needed height, tick the daytime casual box but can be dressed up for evening ideal solution!

Now for finding the perfect pair...not so easy!

I usually go on the hunt and end up lusting after the pair that cost most of my monthly income, then typically nothing ever lives up to them so I end up with nothing at all! But this time I'm in a very different situation...there's some impressive contenders out there in the designer world but I'm not quite head over heels with them...literally...

Beautiful Buttercup
Christian Louboutin, £475

Classic Chloe,

Bold Balenciaga

However when scouting out the high street alternatives, I found some real gems scoring high on the style stakes whilst also ticking all the boxes of comfort, texture, luxe, we really need to tick anymore boxes?!

See our 3BM faves below...

Aztec Madness 
ASOS, £28

Muted Mules
Golden Goddess


Fashion the Mule

Easy Espadrille

Zara, £39.99

Sizzling Snake

I've already snapped up the Golden Goddess and Strong Sassy Staple pairs and I have a feelings I'm not going to be able to stop there....

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