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Thursday 1 May 2014

3BM Eyebrow Essentials...

We like big brows and we cannot lie...

Which you probably know by now if you stop by the blog from time to time. We've written pretty extensively about our quest for Cara D-esque bushy brows. Some overzealous tweezer action as teenagers has left all three of us a little brow-lite which we're seriously regretting as we pore over shot after shot of Cara's bounteous brows. Luckily we girls have an artillery of make-up available to us to help us fake eyebrow perfection and over the last couple of years we've steadily worked our way through that artillery, slowly but surely sorting the wheat from the chaff. Because we believe that everyone should have the chance to get as near as possible to Delevingne brow Nirvana, here's our round-up of the very best in brow enhancement...


Let's start at the very beginning (what a very good place to start)... While tweezing may be the source of all our brow woe, we still acknowledge that a good pair of tweezers are essential for reaching eyebrow Utopia. While big is undoubtedly beautiful, no one wants a Gallagher unibrow or out of control wild beast brows. 

These Shu Uemura tweezers are the ultimate weapon in stray destruction. Easy to grip with a slanted tip that allows pro-like precision, they may be a little pricey but we've had ours for a decade and they're still going strong. Good brows grow from a good base so while we never tweeze above our arches, we make sure that we neaten up below our brows every few weeks in a brightly lit bathroom so that we have a sound foundation to start our make-up routine...

MAC Eye Brow Pencil in Lingering

Our first stop in the eyebrow quest was unsurprisingly finding the perfect eyebrow pencil. We've trialled everything from pharmacy basics to high end luxe; we've consulted friends, magazines and make-up artists; and after months and months of trying and testing, we're delighted to announce a winner... MAC's retractable eye brow pencils. Our shade of choice is lingering but there's a myriad of colours to suit every colouring. The slim tip allows precision and there's no sharpening necessary, a mere twist of the base reveals a fresh new block of pencil. Unlike other pencils we've tried, this lasts all day (and night) through rain, 90% humidity and even dips in the sea. If we had to collate a dessert island make-up bag, this baby would be in our top five essentials.

MAC 204 Lash Brush

Our third brow saviour is another tool - the lash brush (and yet another MAC life saver). This is your route to your best brows ever at every step of the way. Use it pre-pluck to style your brows in the right direction, use it pre-pencil to bush your brows up and out and finally, use to post-pencil to blend and fix your crowning glories in place. Top tip: if you're browing on a budget, you can do the exact same job with an old mascara brush.  


Lat but not least, if you're serious about your brows, you need to know about this hot off the press volumising gel. We snapped this bad boy up on our Sephora sweep in New York earlier this year, and boy are we glad that we did - this is a total game changer. Gimme Brow is a tinted gel that contains hair-like fibres which means that with just a couple of swipes you get the thickest, lushest most beautiful brows. Cara D eat your heart out!

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