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Friday 25 April 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been....

A short week is always welcome in 3BM world...yes you end up running around like a mad thing to meet all your deadlines but what's new there...I'd much rather get the Friday feeling just a little bit sooner! 

If you saw our bank holiday post earlier this week, you already know we had a pretty non-stop weekend, so a more chilled version is definitely required this time round. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen but our intentions are all good!!

When we haven't been recovering from killer hangovers and trying to get back into the swing of 6am wake ups, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Pouring over the preview piccies of the brand new Kate Moss for Topshop range. She's had a three year break and has been squirrelled away for nearly a year designing her new collection which is set to hit the high street on 30th April.

Now we all remember the previous ranges with the pansy tea dress and the lipstick red layered maxi dress that 
everybody and anybody was dying to get their hands on...

However you'll be happy to hear that her latest creations have moved on a fair bit with lots of laidback, boho daytime looks and a whole host of cool glamour for the evening shift! Think fringing, aztec embroidery, sequins, stars, beading, tailoring...pretty much a list of everything we need to make our wardrobe FABULOUS!!

From the pictures we've seen there seems to be a lot more of the true Kate embedded in this range. In fact, we got more than a touch of de ja vu whilst flicking through the snaps of the collection - La Moss has clearly drawn inspiration from outfits hanging in her own closet. Have a peruse of a select few 3BM favs... 

And to put it all into context... **WARNING** don't scroll down if you're MasterCard is already WILL want everything....

In essence you can look as chic and effortlessly fashionable as Miss Moss at a fraction of the price...who could say no to that!?

Get 30th April in your diary and if the Topshop website crashes (we cannot have another Isabel Marant for H&M office drama!) head on over to Net-a-Porter where the collection will also be available to snap up!

Glued to the TV with our new box set obsession Scandal. I can openly admit I love a bit of TV trash as pure escapism at the end of a hard day or when stuck to the sofa in a hungover stupor. So we were pretty panic struck this Easter weekend when we realised we were fully up to date with Greys Anatomy, Nashville, Girls and Private Practice....what the hell to watch next!?!

We toyed with the favourites everyone is raving about...Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Games of Thrones...and in our hungover state, came up with various reasons why none of them would cut the mustard! After two hours of deliberating (and a Facebook pledge for help!) we agreed on Scandal! 

In short a political thriller TV series loosely based on the life of George H.W. Bush's press aide Judy Smith (also the co-exc producer). The main character Olivia Pope is beautiful, ridiculously smart and empowering...when I grow up I want to be her! 

The show centres around Olivia Pope's Crisis Management company with its quick-witted staff and of course the White House...not forgetting a huge side of illicit affairs, drama and plenty of secrets lurking under lock and key! 

If you're not already hooked, get watching my friends...!

Tick tick ticking off the days until my next holiday! As you all know by now, the only thing that keeps us Mice happy is to have a getaway in the pipeline!

However, with a holiday comes skimpier outfits and of course baring our bod on the beach! That can only mean one thing...hello fitness fanatic! I have to admit I massively fell off the healthy bandwagon I need to approach this with a vengeance.

It all began over the weekend...a thirty minute run incorporating a further thirty minutes of sit-ups, lunges and squats. Let's just say that I was a pretty sorry sight for the next 3 days!!!! All that good work may have been slightly undone by the unlimited champagne brunch straight after my workout but, I like to think I made some serious headway towards my hot bod goal!!

So with my fitness hat on, these days I'm all about my five a day, minimal carbs and oodles of gym sessions. Whilst fully embracing my new mind set (and maybe during some bikini shopping) I stumbled across these fabulous Victoria's Secret sports bras...who says you can't stylishly sweat! You never know who you might bump into - I'd strongly advise getting a different one for everyday...

So that's us done for another week, it may not be four days long but here's to another fabulous weekend go get those party pants on!

The Mice x

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