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Tuesday 11 March 2014

A Tale of Mice & Magpies: The Henri Bendel Effect

If you hadn't realised yet we're probably more magpie than mouse...

Most recently we confessed our love for the ear cuff, and countless times before that we've waxed lyrical about the stacking necklace, the memory ring, the costume jewel... you name it, if it sparkles, we are pretty much guaranteed to love it!

In our view accessories finish an outfit adding that extra pizzaz - it's like the cherry to a cake, the flake to a Mr Whippy and the ketchup to a bacon sandwich... essential!

Whilst roaming 5th Avenue on our recent trip to New York, we hit up the emporium of all things jewellery - Henri Bendel - where er were like kids in a candy shop... make that a candy factory... what we really needed was some of those reigns we had as children to hold us back! A walnut allergy did the trick for HK mouse, so whilst she was holed up swollen-faced and poorly at the hotel, Middle and I were let loose with our credit cards!

So great that we ended up visiting twice Henri Bendel is  jammed to the rafters with gleaming gems just waiting to be tried on and taken home! From the street, you walk straight into the jewellery section boasting a huge spread across two floors, comprising of every possible jewel you can imagine, and the main bonus... it's seriously affordable!! 

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You have the option to shop the many branded stands or a large section of Henri Bendel's own designs - this is where I fell a little bit in love! Mainly priced between $48- $130 it's literally a magpie's heaven! Glittering bangles, sparkling earrings, countless midi rings, dainty chains and charms... you can't be disappointed and I can assure you the shop assistants won't let you be! At times a little overpowering, you could liken them to vultures around a carcus, but you will be sure to leave swinging a very chic striped Henri B bag!

Our favourite purchases that we snagged were.... 

After our visit we now live our life by the following quote...

** i.e Henri Bendal Jewels! **

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