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Thursday 28 February 2013

Thanks for the Memory...

Cocktail rings move over, there's a new breed of jewel candy in town. Teeny, tiny, delicate and super flattering, make way for the memory ring...

Designed to fit the top half of your finger, memory rings can be worn solo or stacked and if you fancy changing things up a liitle, you can always wear them on your little finger instead. For months now I've seen these rings popping up on Pinterest, Instagram and various fashion blogs, but I'd struggled to find where I could get my mitts on my very own slice of the memory ring action.

Deciding that it was time for a jewellery shake up, I got down to some serious googling a couple of weeks ago and managed to track down a whole raft of memory rings. I decided to start by just dipping a toe into the trend, so a couple of weeks ago I ordered up a pair of super cheap rings from Etsy.

When my package arrived on Friday I'd all but forgotten about my little memory ring spree. Ripping open the envelope, my two little rings rolled out and it was love at first sight, I pretty much haven't taken them off since! New fashion obsession well and truly discovered, now all I need to decide is which piece to add to my growing collection next...

Loud Love Jewelry Victory Diamond Ring

Old Hollywood Dalla Ring

Scosha Gold Origin Memory Ring

Odette Klaia Ring

CatBirdnyc Tomboy First Knuckle Ring

The Hunted Few First Knuckle Rings

Feeling crafty? Why not DIY yourself a memory ring. Check out the A Pair & A Spare step by step guide to making these bad boys.

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