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Friday 21 February 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Another week is nearly over and the anticipation of the weekend is too much for us Mice to handle. As a result we’re feeling pretty much like this…

Apart from feeling deliriously happy that we have two whole blissful days off, This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been…

Counting down the days to our two week holiday in the sun. We’re off on holiday AGAIN I hear you cry. Yes, yes we are. Next stop… Barbados! Well, two of us are, poor HK Mouse is going to stay behind and man the fort - we're sure she'll get her holiday own back very soon though!

This week we have been casually prepping in the form of… eating salads and avoiding the evilness that is chocolate at all costs, cherry picking our top beach book reads (as nothing beats that can’t-put-it-down obsessive feeling) and exfoliating like mad to ensure our milky pale skin is prepped and ready to receive the bronze treatment!

Next week however it all starts to get deadly serious. None of this ease yourself in planning, it’s hardcore lets get our holiday on kinda mode! The major task in hand is to put together pile upon pile of Caribbean-chic outfits ready to whittle down to 14 rocking day and night time ensembles. I have my day looks pretty much nailed thanks to All About Eve and Motel. You may have seen a few weeks ago I blogged about some colour-popping bikinis gifted to me by All About Eve well I now have the below rose bikini style from Motel to add to the bikini bank! I love the retro high-waisted style knickers – I just need to perfect my roll-down tannage manoeuvre now to make sure I don’t return from holiday with a whiter than white midriff! NOT hot!

In summary...!

Majorly lusting after MIHO’s statement wall feature pieces. I was browsing the wondrous rooms within Liberty during my lunch hour yesterday and stopped in my tracks when I saw these beauties…

…Yes statement horse, deer and bird house wall feature pieces - an alternative and eco-friendly take on the traditional stag head.

The unusual home accessories are made from recycled MDF and their quirky colourways and designs are born out of the brand’s tagline ‘unexpected things’. You’ll be spoilt for choice with floral, polka dot and tartan creations. Every purchase is delivered with an element of fun too as the product arrives flat packed meaning you also get the satisfaction of assembling the masterpiece yourself! 

Racing horse head, £95
Decorative dear head, £43
Bird house, £38

Other wall decorations we’ve taken a shine to include…

Made With Love Designs deer head mount, £130 

From Britain With Love vinyl, £33

House Interiors & Gifts wooden stag head trophy, £28

Right we’ll stop waffling now and let you go BUT before you do, we’ll leave you with the most important message of the day… 

Lots of love,

The Mice 

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