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Thursday 20 February 2014

3BM in Blogosphere Magazine!

We have exciting news!

...drum roll please...

This month we feature in the latest glossy issue of Blogosphere Magazine!

If you haven't heard of Blogosphere yet we'll forgive you, it is still brand, spanking new, but we suggest you go out and buy your copy pronto...

Quite apart from the fact that we feature in this issue (not sure if we've mentioned that yet...), it's also a really, really great read. Each issue, an editorial team of bloggers curates a selection of blogs across a vareity of categories (think fashion, food, lifestyle, beauty and more), and each of those bloggers writes a piece for the magazine. The end result is a menagerie of articles on a myriad of topics from reviews of the latest restaurants on the block, to nail art tutorials with recipes for whipping up a cracking chicken curry and beautiful photography in between. The idea is that Blogosphere will introduce you to new blogs that you might just love (like us!) while also providing inspiration and advice to other bloggers (there are sections in the magazine that cover all sorts of blogger burning issues from legal issues you may come across to the eternal quandry of what you should do if you're comped a bad meal...).

Still need a reason to go and buy your copy? Well, 10% of all profits go to charity (Walking with the Wounded this issue). A rollicking read and philanthropy - how can you say no?!

The third issue is out this week and we're one of five blogs to feature in the lifestyle section. We're not going to say too much about our piece because you'll have to buy the magazine to read it, but we will say it's ABSOLUTELY brilliant and will change your life (obviously).

We've also discovered some ace new blogs off the back of this issue so we thought we'd share a bit of the love and introduce you to them too...

Fleur de Force
That's Fleur on the cover of Blogosphere, and we can't quite believe that we're only just discovering her! Fleur is a fashion and beauty blogger/vlogger (that's video blogger non-bloggy peeps) extraordianire, who reviews all manner of products, posts videos of how-tos and generally gives us a peek into her glam world. Fleur's Blogosphere interview is a must-read for any wannabe beauty bloggers.

Scarlett Wonderland
This brilliant lifestyle blog feels a bit like you're having a chat with your fabbest, funniest friend. From travel pieces that'll have you itching to pack your suitcase and zip off on a little adventure to a completely on the button set of Gym Rules, this is one of those blogs that you log onto over your sandwich at lunch and several hours later find that you're still reading...

BeautySauce is a beauty blog written by make-up artist and beauty therapist Carly Musleh. Carly covers everything from wellness (loving the look of this health in a jar breakfast) to skincare along with vast amounts of lovely beauty booty! Oh and ps. Carly's YouTube beauty tutorials are awesome!

The London Review of Sandwiches
How can you not love a blog entirely dedicated to stellar examples of stuff between two pieces of bread?! We fully intend to use Helen Graves' reviews as a carb-fix itinerary for munching our way around London. And we may just have to start that Sandwich Stroll with Dip & Flip's Patty Melt... 

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  1. Oh this has really made my day! Thank you so much and it's so lovely to discover your blog too, I'll be spending a lot more time here! x