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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Heavenly Hawker House...

If you're based in London, clear the weekend ahead, well either Friday or Saturday night at least, as you will definitely regret missing out on this beauty if you don't!!

Hawker House Night Market launched five weeks ago and unfortunately is already saying farewell this weekend. A pop up indoor food market with a heavy side of music, cocktails and fun! Located in an old factory a quick stroll from Broadway market, just look out for the glowing red and yellow sign and a smoky aroma!! 

We arrived just after seven and were met with a huge space, full of excited hungry people, the smell of amazing food sizzling away and a DJ playing upbeat, fun music! The first thing we noticed was the great buzz of this place, it was busy but bearably so, with a fun but still laid back vibe. 

After walking around all the different food stalls, ohhing and ahhing at practically every stop, we knew we had a tricky decision to make...where the hell to start?! 

First things first...a drink! There are a few different options to pick from...the main bar at the back selling bottled beers and pint-sized cocktails, The Whisky Bar which is inside the second section with 50 different Whiskies to sample, Street Vin for the wine lovers or the Hot Bar offering delights such as hot buttered Rum, mulled wine or spiked hot chocolate!! After bagging a comfy sofa spot we decided a nice bottle of red from Street Vin would be a great place to start! 

Next up the food...there are nine different savoury stands to pick from however if like us, the decision is too tricky, then grab a bunch of forks and all dig in and share! You can get anything from Tacos, Jerk Chicken, Baba G's Biryani, Roasted Pork Belly Buns, Steak from the Smokestak, juicy cheese Sliders...

Or our favourite... Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese...we shared one between three, a word of warning - get three even if there's only one of you!! It's seriously delicious...

Other than the Lobster we didn't manage to get too many of our own pictures, mainly because there was a power cut! Anywhere else this would be deemed a disaster, however at Hawker House everyone just grabbed their phones, put on their torches and carried on until the lights came back up! 

If you're after a fun, laid back, scrumptious evening, then Hawker House has your name written all over it... we guarantee that it won't disappoint! If I could go back every weekend I would in a heartbeat! After a great evening, we trotted just around the corner to Broadway market for a cheeky nightcap...perfect!!

For the final soirée on 14th December Hawker House are holding a special event, there will be festive twists on the menu, go-go girls, a transvestite choir, DJs, a Christmas gift shop and a meat raffle!! Check out all details here and get your tickets right here!!

Hawker House
38-50 Pritchards Road,
E2 9AP

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