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Wednesday 11 December 2013

3BM's Top 5 Men's Christmas Gifts...

I always think girls are so easy to buy presents for, there are so many things in life that we need, want and wish for, that it would be humanly impossible to buy it all... Therefore, that leaves a constant rolling gift list for anyone who wishes to spoil us! 

Men on the other hand are a totally different kettle of fish! Simply because if they want something they buy it...meaning their wish list is near non-existent! They're generally not nearly as obsessed by fashion magazines, blogs, online shopping or celebrities and therefore rarely seem to experience that feeling of all consuming want, need and I HAVE TO HAVE THAT IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW! I can safely say us Mice feel this every week, if not every day!

The last few weeks have been filled with ticking off our present list for our friends and sisters and leaving the best til last...Daddy Mouse! The one male in the world that is very hard to please with a present, when he says 'I would prefer it if you didn't get me anything,' he probably means it and to be honest it would be way easier if we just listened to him! But it's Christmas, we can't just leave him off the present list no matter how Scrooge-like he's being! So every year we strive to find that one thing that he really, really wants but doesn't yet know it! 

Surprisingly, we're still searching....! 

However during our all-consuming quest for the perfect Daddy Mouse gift, we've come across a few gems which we thought were perfect presents...just not for him!

See below our top five 2013 Christmas Gifts for Grandpas, Dads, Boyfriends, Brothers etc etc...

iKettle, £99.99

He can boil the kettle from anywhere in your house at the click of a button from his iPhone! When his alarm goes off in the morning his phone will immediately ask if he would like to boil the kettle and similarly as he arrives home from a hard day at work!! No more missing vital moments of the match whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, no more coming in from the garden before your cuppa's's all about the iKettle!!

Any fitness conscious boy (or girl for that matter) will love this little gadget, in fact it may also be just the thing to kick start a new year fitness obsession in those less fitness driven as well! This little band monitors and measures all your movements - it counts your steps, measures the intensity of your workouts and even lets you track your sleep patterns. You can link this up to your phone and get real time progress updates at any time!
You can't beat an expensive, luxurious aftershave and Tom Ford always does them best! You definitely can't skimp on fragrance - chuck that Old Spice away NOW, and you even get an after shave balm with this set from Selfridges! Win, win!

A concept that every guy will instantly get and love (while us less tech-savy Mice will scratch our heads over but still very much enjoy...)! In a nutshell, it's a way to play your digital music collection in every room from any device. Think iTunes, Spotify, radio stations etc and stream all your favourite music across these from one platform. You can control this on any device - your phone, tablet or computer and manage the music each room is playing at the click of a button! Get it?! Probably not but I can guarantee he'll love it...check out the video here which explains it all much better!!

Whiskey Ice Ball Moulds, £14.45

The perfect gift for any Whiskey lover, the round ice ball melts much slower than smaller square cubes resulting in a less diluted drink. Claims to make the last sip taste just as good as the first. We'll drink to that...

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