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Friday 26 July 2013

This Week the Mice have Mostly Been...

What a difference a week makes! Just seven little days ago all three Mice were sitting in Daddy Mouse's garden devouring a BBQ and a bottle of wine (or six) and George Alexander Louis was still snoozing in Kate's tummy... Fast forward a week and His Royal Babyness has made his very first public appearance and once again us Mice are scattered across the globe. Sob, sob, sigh...

Except I think I'm actually the only Mouse weeping into my pillow. Middle and Mini packed their bikinis and zipped off to Portugal on Wednesday and have been Whatsapp'ing photos of pools and Pimms ever since. Just what I love to see when the rain is hammering down incessantly outside my window here in Hong Kong...

Rain and holiday envy aside, this week the Mice have mostly been...   

Toasting Cambridge Junior following the news that William & Kate's first son, HRH Prince George, has finally arrived! 

I was super excited at the prospect of being in London when the mini heir was born but rather typically he waited until pretty much the moment I stepped onto the plane back to Hong Kong to make an appearance. Not impressed George... You have however slightly redeemed yourself by inspiring shops and businesses everywhere to offer special Royal Baby offers. Within minutes of the announcement my inbox was overflowing with discount codes and giveaways - you have to admire a kid who has the tills ringing before he's even drawn his first breath. 

It's estimated that the newest Royal will spark a £243 million spending spree as his adoring subjects-to-be fall over themselves to scoop up souvenirs and keepsakes to commemorate his birth. Us Mice are partial to a bit of monarchy love, so here's our round-up of our top Prince George buys... 

Emma Bridgewater Royal Baby Mug
Babytronic Highborn Collection

Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby! - Martha Mumford

Royal Happiness Silver Spoon

Biscuiteers Royal Baby Tin

Royal Baby Hand Illustrated Plate

Royal Baby Crochet Crown

Overhauling my Beauty Bag with a drop of Cult Beauty goodies. For anyone who hasn't discovered this genius website yet, hop over there pronto for a carefully curated selection of cosmetics, skincare and general prettifying stuff from around the world. I ordered my first batch of beauty booty on the back of India Knight's brilliant Sunday Times Style column. I blogged a little while ago about how the very same column inspired me to buy my Clarisonic (which I absolutely love) so I'm now bordering a little on the obsessive when it comes to India's recommendations...

At least I have a new excuse when all my internet shopping packages arrive - "India told me to"...  

My Sunday Times inspired haul included a Sunday Riley cleanser and skin serum, a Lipstick Queen sheer berry lipstick and a couple of samples of the Jouer tinted moisturisers. I found the tinted moisturisers a bit too orange for my skin but I am head over heels with all the other products. The Sunday Riley skincare has my face looking as smooth as George's bottom and having decided that red lipstick wasn't for me, I've done a complete one eighty and now wear Lipstick Queen's Medieval non-stop. Here's how to get your mitts on glowy skin and just bitten lips.


Book Worming my way through Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple. I've been meaning to read this book for ages but for some reason or another haven't quite got round to it. A story about an agoraphobic, ex-architect planning a trip to Antarctica with her high-achieving daughter might not sound like a thrilling read, but this is a total page turner that'll have you sniggering into your bookmark. I flew through it and was up until 2am last night finishing it... A complete peach of a beach read!

And that's it for another week!
Happy, happy weekend, hope it's a great one!
The Mice

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