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Friday 10 May 2013

This Week the Mice have Mostly Been

Ummm....Yes! Yes it is actually!

Hello too many cocktails, lazy lie-ins and (fingers super, super crossed) at least a little bit of sunshine...!

So what's been occurring in Miceland this week? Let's take a little jog through anything and everything that's been occupying our little Mice minds over the past seven days... This week the Mice have mostly been...

Getting juicy with it on a three day juice detox courtesy of the lovely ladies at Punch Detox.

I'll be writing up my full review for Sassy Hong Kong very soon, but in the meantime I'll just say I'm definitely feeling, lighter, brighter and more refreshed. Swapping my usual meals for six juices sounded pretty terrifying on paper, but other than a couple of minor wobbles, it was actually fairly easy (not least because the juices are all really yummy).

And any mild anger/ gnawing hunger was one hundred percent worth it just for the ability to elicit horrified expressions all day yesterday, when I told everyone I saw that I hadn't eaten for three days... If you can't wait for all the juice on detoxing, our super lovely friend, Sarah, has also just finished a juice cleanse, check out her juice fast post on her sparkly brand new blog, The Gym Ninja.

Brushing up on skincare, having finally got round to buying a Clarisonic. So actually, at least a little bit of my new brightness may also be down to my latest bit of beauty high techery! The Clarisonic has been on my 'to invest' list for forever, but I was finally spurred into bagging my very own giant electric toothbrush for your face, after reading India Knight's fab beauty column in the Sunday Times gushing about it a couple of weeks ago.

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So last weekend I popped into Lane Crawford where I snapped up a Clarisonic Mia 2 and I've been diligently brushing my face twice a day ever since. My skin definitely feels much softer and smoother than it usually it does; in fact it feels pretty much like it usually would right after a facial. So far so impressed, I'll report back after further use...

Getting Gatsby Fever along with the rest of the world... There are now just seven little days until the much anticipated Baz Luhrmann adaptation of The Great Gatsby is finally released! We don't think that we've EVER been this excited about a film EVER (as evidenced by the fact that we first posted about it almost a year ago...)! We downloaded the soundtrack on Monday and we've had it on a loop ever since - it really is spine tinglingly amazing! In case the even more brilliant trailer has somehow passed you by, brace yourself for three minutes of sheer GG overexcitement...

Gearing up for round number four of Bikini Fit. After two weeks off, the new Bikini Fit programme kicks off on Monday. My attendance was a little patchy over the past couple of programmes because of being sick and doing lots of travel (a little work, a lot of play), but I'm determined to step up my game this programme. Junk season is within spitting distance and the prospect of wearing a bikini in public is currently giving me nightmares...

I'm told that the 7am programme (which I'm signed up for) sold out in a matter of hours, but for any other girls in Hong Kong looking to kickstart their fitness regime there are apparently still a couple of places left on the 8am programme also starting on Monday. Head over to the website to sign up - get in there quick!

That's it for another week!

Lots of Friday love
The Mice

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  1. The juice detox sounds fab I would love to try it! I totally have Gatsby fever too - trying desperately to finish the book in time for the film release. Love your blog xx