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Friday 21 June 2013

This Week the Mice have Mostly Been...

Soooo the good news is.... it's Friday! Whoop!

In bad news, as the clock's hands tick around to 6pm, inevitably the sun, which has merrily blazed in cloudless blue skies all week, will suddenly slink away behind a bank of ominous looking black clouds... What can we say?! It's officially the first day of summer today, so obviously the sun's going to disappear! 

Oh well, if the weather won't play ball, we're just going to have to make our very own sunshine this weekend! Luckily after a few hours of hardcore summer sales shopping and several Hendricks & tonics, we're not going to care if there's a blizzard raging outside. Thank God for gin and cut-price pretty things!
When we haven't been wistfully staring out of our office windows at the sunshine, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Spending up a storm as Summer Sale mania hits fever pitch! Is it just us or do the summer sales seem to start earlier and earlier every year? We've barely packed our away our jumpers and boots, let alone started seriously shopping for our summer wardrobes and already stores are slashing prices on their kaftans, floaty summer dresses and teeny, tiny bikinis. Not that we're complaining (although our credit cards definitely are...)! At sale time, more than ever, we thank the shopping Gods for internet shopping. No need to sharpen those elbows, no need to queue for fitting rooms and no searing disappointment as you realise that the sparkly pair of Louboutins twinkling at you from the sale rack have been put back in the wrong size section, and are actually three sizes too small for you.

Instead, each store sends you a nice email letting you know that bargain hunting should commence and you can then spend a happy few hours leisurely browsing a selection of sale items, filtered by size, from the comfort of your desk/ sofa/ bed... And best of all, when your loot arrives, you get a few days to decide whether that lime green poncho/ silver leather mini skirt was actually a sensible purchase, or whether it was just a crazed "OMG, it's 70% off" buy...

The only issue with e-sales shopping is the sheer volume of bargainous beauties just a click of a mouse away. For the mindboggled here's our current list of cut-price crushes (as if you needed any encouragement...):

Zimmerman Vase Printed Silk Maxi Dress
£426 £298.20

Pistol Panties x Topshop Swimsuit
£75 £30

Miguelina Leyla Cover-up
US$192 US$153.60

Zara Flat Studded Sandals
£29.99 £15.99 (also available in black)

Melissa Odabash Sanela Embellished Maxi Dress
£385 £269.50

Kenzo Reversible Bikini
£195 £136

Zara Long Printed Dress
£69.99 £29.99

£191.67 £134.17

Getting Fatty with it at brand new NYC export Fatty Crab. Perched in the heart of Hong Kong's Soho, on Old Bailey Street, the new It spot on the block is Meat Packing Chic with a dash of Malaysian spice.   

We've heard rave reviews from everyone who's tried it so far, so yesterday evening we scuttled down to check it out for ourselves...

We got things going with a round of Recession Specials – aka a Pickleback and a can of Tsing Tao which is perfectly dirtied-up with a lime and chili salt rim (for the uninitiated, a Pickleback’s a shot of Bourbon chased with a shot of pickle brine) – the ideal start to an evening which is guaranteed to get steadily out of hand...

The menu is the sort of list of deliciousness that has you wildly over-ordering with gleeful abandon. 

Highlights from our gluttonous feast included...

...the razor clams from the raw bar - so fresh that they were virtually swimming onto our plates and given a nice little oriental edge with a scattering of Tianjin preserved cabbage and Chinese celery...

...the Fatty Sliders - peppery, juicy mouthfuls of aioli doused beef topped off with a bit of tang courtesy of a slither of pickled cucumber...

...the Watermelon Pickle and Crispy Pork - so good we ordered it twice. This jumble of pickled melon rind, meltingly tender cubes of pork belly and hunks of fresh watermelon is a mindblowing combo of sweet and spicy; rich and fresh. An absolute Fatty Crab must try...

...steamed clams in Thai green chilli curry sauce which were so finger-licking delicous that by the time I'd got my camera out all that was left was a pile of shells...

...and of course the legendary chili crab. We're talking, bowlfuls of enormous juicy halves of Dungeness crab reclining in a tongue-tingling, unctuous, ruby red chili sauce. Not forgetting the inch thick slices of chargrilled toast helpfully provided to ensure you soak up every last drop of amazingness. 

Did we also greedily gobble several other delicious dishes? Were there just two of us inhaling this enormous display of gastronomic excess? We couldn't possibly say, but we will confirm that it's called Fatty for a reason.
Fatty Crab Hong Kong
G/F, 11-13 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong.
+852 2521 2033

Kongratulating Kimye on the arrival of Kaidence! While the future British heir isn't due for a couple of weeks, last Saturday Hollywood welcomed the latest addition to the Kardashian Clan. If the rumours are to be believed, Kim and Kanye have named their brand new baby girl Kaidence Georgia Donda West... CORRECTION: trustworthy sources have now confirmed that Kim and Kanye have actually named their brand new baby North. Yes, that's right, North West... Surprisingly, baby Kai NW hasn't yet made her reality TV debut and we haven't even seen any photos to date. We're pretty sure it won't be the meantime we're loving this artist's impression of Kimye Junior...

And finally, if Friday's getting a bit much and the weekend feels like it's never going to arrive, grab yourself a cup of tea, plug your earphones in, and take 4 minutes and 55 seconds to enjoy Daughter's supremely chilled Live Lounge cover of Daft Punk's Get Lucky...

Here's to a fabulously awesome weekend! See you on the other side...
The Mice

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