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Thursday 20 June 2013

Caffeine Fix: Nespresso Love

We're pleased to report that Mouse Towers, Hong Kong has finally woken up and smelt the Nespresso and is now decked out with it's very own stainless steel Pixie!

The London Mice were well ahead on this one, having picked up their Nespresso machine earlier this year. I was slightly sceptical that a good cup of coffee could be so easy to come by. No grinding beans, no drawn-out brewing, no mess, no fuss - surely it was all too good to be true? Well no actually. Having had my brand new Nespresso baby for a couple of weeks now, I'm just sorry I spent so long fiddling about with Cafetières and drinking sub-standard coffee that costs £4 a cup... Now all I have to do is pick out a capsule, pop it into my Nespresso machine, flick a switch and decide whether I'm opting for a quick, strong hit of Espresso or a more leisurely lungo.

The only downside for me is that as a very indecisive girl, the array of capsules to choose between, particularly first thing in the morning, can be a little overwhelming. I'm slowly narrowing it down to a few favs - the green Fortissio is a definite contender for top of the pods and the Linizio Lungo, Middle Mouse's pick, is also right up there. 

But it seems that I jumped on the bandwagon at just the right moment because last week Nespresso added three new capsules to their coffee collection. Previously released as limited edition capsules, the Vanillo, Ciocattino and Caramelito capsules are back by popular demand and are happily here to stay this time! I popped down to the Nespresso boutique in IFC this week to try them out and it was love at first sip! Drink them straight for a fragrant coffee with a hint of vanilla, caramel or dark chocolate or add cream and sugar for a much richer, fuller flavour. I'm head over heels for the Vanillo (I've already had one fix this morning and my second is imminent...).

So, coffee machine sorted.

Most delicious capsules identified.

All that remains is to bag myself some pretty china to sip my caffeine from in the mornings. I'm thinking something bright, zingy and guaranteed to brighten up even the murkiest morning. What better then, than a little pop of Missoni? I happened to stumble across these Missoni for Target mugs and espresso cups while browsing for books on Amazon. They may well be so several seasons ago (Target were selling these way back in 2011), but those Missoni stripes never go out of style and at these prices, how can you say no?!

Missoni for Target Mugs
From US$29.95

Missoni for Target 16 Piece Espresso Set

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