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Friday 24 May 2013

This Week the Mice Have Mostly Been

So this week everything's generally been a bit topsy turvy! Rather than two London Mice and one HK one, this week, we've had two HK ones and one poor little left behind little London Mouse (we miss you lots and lots Mini Mouse!).

Last Sunday Middle Mouse hopped on a plane and zoomed 5,995 miles from London to Hong Kong. After a far too brief hello dinner at Brickhouse and several cocktails at Honi Honi, she shimmied off to spend the week working her little mouse socks off for the HTC & Wallpaper Design Tours.

But now it's Friday, the work's done and the weekend play can begin!

When we haven't been having sister reunions and planning weekend antics, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Dodging downpours as the first black rain storm since 2010 hit Hong Kong. Middle Mouse had been in town less than 48 hours when lightening ripped through the skies and torrential rain pounded down in sheets. Schools and offices were shut for the morning and the streets turned into rivers - not much fun particularly when you have a pack of journalists to show around the city's top design spots... Meanwhile, I was due to be moving which meant that rather than being elated to have a nice little lie in and the morning off work, I was madly praying that the movers would be undeterred by 8 inches of rain... Luckily my prayers were answered, the Black Rain warning was lifted, the movers moved us and Middle Mouse's journalists got to see the best design that Hong Kong can offer... All's well that ends well...

Image by Jamie Coote via

Swooning over our latest accessories obsession... gorgeous Kirsten Goss jewels! The evening before the black rain set in, for one night only, jewellery genius, Kirsten Goss, set up shop in Hong Kong with a little bejewelled pop-up. For anyone who hasn't discovered Kirsten Goss already, this is your go to line for bling with some bang. From sharp, geometric statement necklaces to leaf-like Tribal drop earrings, each piece is handcrafted in Durban and is guaranteed to be a firm fixture in your jewellery box for many, many years to come.

We're currently drooling over the Bete Noir Collection a delicious array of gemstones and punky gold spikes - very Met Gala 2013...

If you're in London, you can get your Kirsten Goss fix at the Kensington boutique, for the rest of us there's the online store which will ship jewels to whichever corner of the world you call home! We also hear whispers of another Hong Kong pop-up in the autumn... keep your eyes peeled for details!  

Getting shorganised post-move by finally giving my shoe collection a proper home in their very own shoe shelves! 

The only thing is that there are a few empty spaces... lucky then that this week I discovered the awesome new shoe e-boutique, Shoescribe. Nothing for it but a little housewarming self-gifting... Currently topping of my Shoescribe lust list...

Casadei for Prabal Gurung Sandals


Giuseppe Zanotti Design Sandals

Images via:

And that's it for another week! 

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, here's to a wonderful weekend!
The Mice

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