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Wednesday 17 April 2013

Pix up Sticks - Tapas Style...

Tapas for me brings back memories of the long summers spent as teeny, tiny Mice in a sleepy Menorcan fishing village, Macaret. We would go once or twice a year and spend three super fun weeks playing on the beach, collecting shells and making new local friends who we couldn't speak a word other than 'Hola' to!  
Our love for food dates back to those days and may even have been ignited in Macaret. While all the other children demanded burgers and chips, we would be happily tucking into rich, tomatoey Menorcan soup served up in traditional clay oven bowls, crispy baby squid complete with miniature tentacles, slabs of Spanish omelette and plate upon plate of Iberian ham!  
Since then, I've been on a constant hunt for calamari to live up to those napkins piled high with baby squid gobbled down on the beach as a snack! But chewy squid rings from La Tasca never quite cut the mustard! Food is a big deal to me, and in my opinion, good tapas outside of Spain is a hard thing to find!  
Pix however may be just what I've been looking for... this is Tapas with a twist! Not your standard little sharing plates of potato bravos, soggy paella and wizened olives but instead a station at the front of the restaurant laden with miniature pots of all different tapas deliciousness on a stick! You're seated, you order a drink, and you're then handed a plate, told to pick whatever you want from the front and to make sure that you keep your sticks. Pricing's simple, big sticks are £2.75 and small sticks are £1.95, when everyone is done the pot of discarded sticks are removed and cashed up for your bill.  
Beware it's very easy to get carried away... especially when seated right by the kitchen door where you're first to witness all the new trays of delights emerging! It's just so very easy to grab a little stick as the waiter walks by, you don't even need to get up from your table...!  
We feasted on the following delights.... 


And as you can see, this made us very happy girls!

Tapas on a stick - an upgrade from the dry, generic tapas chains we've all tried hopefully thinking maybe this time we'll be wowed, only to leave disappointed a couple of hours later with lighter pockets and rumbling tummies... Pix however serves up genuinely tasty mouthfuls of culinary heaven! Everything is thoughtfully put together and presented beautifully plus the small batches of each stick avoid food sitting out and going cold but, fear not there is never a shortage of options! 
A super tasty, fresh and fun way to do Tapas in London! We like! A lot!
Pix Soho
16 Bateman Street
0207 437 0377

Pix Covent Garden
63 Neal Street
0207 836 9779

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  1. I walked past the covent garden branch yesterday and thought it looked yummy. Now I really do have to give it a try!