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Tuesday 16 April 2013

On The 3BM iPod: Little Dragon

Now when it comes to the Swedish electro band, Little Dragon I'm pretty much late to the party. Regardless, I want to share the my love and bordering on obsession with you just in case you hadn't heard of them and aren't familiar with their undeniably catchy tunes. I stumbled across their sound (which reminds me very much of The XX) whilst getting my roots touched up this weekend at the hairdressers. I actually stopped my stylist, mid blow-dry to ask him what album was playing I liked it that much. It's not often when it comes to music that I like what I hear straight away, I tend to be a grower!

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The band is made up of Swedish-Japanese lead singer, Yukimi Nagano and three of her school pals who complement her amazing vocals with drums, bass and keyboards. They have released three albums to date including their debut album 'Little Dragon' released in 2007, a second album 'Machine Dreams' in 2009 and most recently 'Ritual Union' in 2011.
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The band has come up against a fair few bad reviews but their latest album 'Ritual Union' has been their best yet according to the critics. Here, here because all of my favourites are actually from their latest album, check them out below...
Number one has to be 'Ritual Union'...

High up there is also 'Shuffle A Dream'...

And last but not least 'Little Man'...

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