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Friday 22 March 2013

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Once again what a week?! HK mouse is distinctly under the weather suffering from Glandular Fever, Middle Mouse has also been a poorly pea, so that leaves just me holding the fort and playing nurse to them both, well one in person and other over Whatsapp and email! 

However thankfully, Easter's just around the corner! Hopefully some sun will sort out poorly HK mouse who's jetting off to Thailand for holiday number two this year and us London Mice are on serious countdown to the long weekend and a jaunt down to the Devon for lots of fresh air and clotted cream!! COME quick and snow us all in so we can't possibly get back into work after!! 

When we haven't been sniffing, sneezing and generally feeling sorry for ourselves, this week the Mice have mostly been...
Smugly saving whilst sipping on delicious cocktails at 3BM fave Archers Street! We've already blogged about the amazing waitress singing, expert cocktail shaking, super fun bar...however if you missed it check it out here

If all that isn't enough to get you down there, then the new 'Party on the Piste' surely is! Make a trip on a Wednesday night from 6pm (it's hump Wednesday after all so should definitely be celebrated), invest in a £10 ski pass and receive 50% off cocktails all night, who wouldn't want an Oriental Rose (Ketel One Vodka, rose liqueur, and lychee juice shaken with freshly squeezed lemon juice and Earl Grey syrup) for £5.25 a pop whilst watching the waiters dancing and singing their hearts out on the tables?! 

Surely there is no better excuse for a hungover Thursday!

Mmmmmmm'ing at the thought of our Dishoom Brunch last weekend and planning to do it all over again ASAP! Now we've blogged about how amazing the dinner was back in our December post, and have since heard that the brunch is an event not to be missed! If i'm honest I wasn't too sure what to expect, was it going to be curry for breakfast and if so could I really handle that on a hangover?! 

However WOW is all I can say....a seriously good Indian twist on eggs, bacon and sausages...basically normal breakfast ingredients mixed up with a cup of amazing'ness! I opted for homemade granola, fresh fruit and vanilla pod yoghurt to start (so so so delicious!) 

And then I chose Akuri, which if like me you aren't familiar with, is spicy scrambled eggs piled on top of fire toast (buttered bloomer bread grilled) and vine roasted tomatoes. I cannot explain how good this need to taste for yourself! Middle Mouse went for the famous Bacon Nan Roll, fresh nan wrapped around bacon, chili tomato jam, cream cheese and herbs, with an extra portion of fire toast and raspberry jam on the side. Sadly I don't have any pictures...we were hungover, hungry and trust me it looks far too good to wait a second! I don't think there was a word spoken whilst we munched away, however when our plates were clean we announced that we would now be coming every weekend for our breakfast! I cannnnnot wait for our next visit!!!

Bravely signing up to the new wardrobe must have colour...white! If you head into anywhere on the high street right now what you are mostly faced with is clean, simplistic outfits of white, white and more white! Now if like me this ignites an almighty fear inside, take a deep breath and embrace it, somehow I have?! If there is one person in the world that shouldn't wear white it's most definitely me! 

Every morning I get foundation, bronzer and mascara smeared all over me, I then fight for a tube seat only to perch precariously as we all know they are just a basin of London filth, and don't even get me started on pens, highlighters and lunchtime soup....I am honestly the one that no one wants to lend to! However I am donning my big girl pants and learning to walk a little slower, carry fewer cups of tea and generally take my daily pace down a few notches!  

If, like me, you're game for the challenge have a little peruse of a few faves....

Jacket, £79.99
Image via 

Slouchy Open Knit, £38
Image via

Live Fast Tee, £60
Image via

Western Shirt, £42
Image via

Crochet Cami, £88
Image via

IRO Sweat, £170
Image via

T by Alexander Wang, £163
Image via

Textured tunic, £98
Image via

I will leave you with the strong desire to shop and wish you all a SUPER DUPER weekend...hopefully dressing up in something fabulous, drinking cocktails and laughing a LOT!!!

The Mice xx

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