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Friday 17 February 2012

Mice Advice - Quirky night out in London...

Second piece of Mice Advice for our friend Rebecca, she tweeted us last week asking for some help planning a night out...

"Looking for a good night out in London, maybe something a bit different for 25th February. Any ideas @3BadMice?"

The Mice Advice
Its so easy to get stuck in the same old routine, going to the same old places, with the same old crowd.  London can be a tricky one for planning nights out - there are loads of areas to go out in, friends live scattered all over the city, and going to the tried and tested, trusty old favs can seem the safest option...especially when the pressure is on you to come up with the POA.  But the great thing about London is there's always somewhere new to try and there are so many, fantastic options that there's sure to be some gems that you've missed until now... We've put our thinking hats on and have put together three ideas for something a little unusual for next weekend, see what you think...

Spot of Samba anyone...? Favela Chic - Great Eastern Street

Not a newbie, but a goody.  First off, this Brazilian themed bar has a constant queue outside on a Saturday night which is always a positive sign.  And we can confirm that its definitely worth queuing for.  Favela Chic originated in Paris and more recently landed in Shoreditch. Designed to look like a Rio de Janeiro shanty town, the bar is a lot of fun - furniture hanging from the ceiling, a great mix of DJ's and music and monthly Swap-a-Rama nights where you swap clothes with strangers when a klaxon's sounded (best not to wear your Herve Leger and Louboutins to Swap-a-Rama though...).  It's something a bit different and a little crazy but if you've got the right group of people, we say it's guaranteed to be lots of fun. It also helps that they serve up killer Caipirinhas!  Plan to wake up the next morning with a very sore head wearing someone else's clothes...

Favela Chic
91-93 Great Eastern Street,
0871 971 3734

Party like you're Blair Waldorf - The Box, Soho

The original Box opened in NYC and if you're a GG fan you will have seen Blair dance for Chuck in this very club after breaking up with Nate.  It's very cool with a members club vibe, you've got to be on the guest list or the bouncer (or 6) won't let you past the VIP red rope.  Guests are led into the club through candlelit corridors and greeted by Burlesque girls where the fun really begins. The crowd are hot to trot both in get-up and looks, so girls get glammed up and head down.  Especially if fire breathers, dancing girls, singers and trapeze artists tick your box...BEWARE though, not one for the prudes, you have to be up for some cheeky fun!

Image via
The Box
11-12 Walkers Court, Brewer Street,
020 7434 4374

It's cool to be a 'Gleek' at Archer Street, Soho...

A new addition to Soho and it's something a bit great - a smart cocktail bar with a cheesy Glee twist!  This space used to house a gay bar, rather unsurprisingly the clientele have stayed loyal and Archer Street still pulls in the gay crowd.  However it also floats the boat of young, fun loving 'London Hipsters' who are after something new and a bit quirky. The decor is gorgeous...lots of white, dove grey, soft lighting, cushions galore and amazing flowers.  Team this with to die for cheese and meat boards and yum cocktails and you pretty much have perfection!

So now that I've set the scene, the fun can begin...Imagine you're sat back feeling relaxed, sipping an expertly shaken Amaretto Sour and all of a sudden the attractive waitress serving you a moment ago, breaks into song... At random intervals throughout the night the waiting staff will entertain you with their singing and mini dance routines, and that's not the night gets going you are actually encouraged to get up on the tables and get involved. LOVE IT!  Although, if you're down there when we are and you happen to catch us a couple of cocktails down on the second chorus of Don't Stop Believin', we apologise now...!

Archer Street
3-4 Archer Street,
020 7734 3342

I hope that helps you out or at least provides some inspiration.

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