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Friday 14 December 2012

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Eleven more sleeps, ELEVEN MORE SLEEPS!!!

Yes, it's really, really nearly Christmas now and yes, we are about six years old....!!!

Excitement is reaching fever pitch this year, not only because there's nothing us Mice love more than Christmas, but also because last year I had to cover the Hong Kong office over the holidays, so for the very first year ever, we spent Christmas Day apart. Sob! But this year I'll be jetting back to London and we'll be doing the whole thing on an even grander scale than usual to make up for the skipped family Chrimbo last time... cue double the festive films, three times as much champagne and so many presents that we'll still be opening them when the Downton Christmas special starts...(That last bit's obviously an exaggeration, no matter how many presents there are we'll always start opening them at 6am because we're too excited to sleep, and be sat beside a pile of shiny new things and surrounded by mountains of discarded wrapping paper by around 6:12am...).

With less than two weeks to go now, this week's been spent in a haze of shopping, mulled wine and advent calendar chocolates. The London Mice have been flitting around town hopping from party to party while I've been on a work trip in Tokyo where Christmas has a decidedly Hello Kitty tinge...

This weekend is going to be an action packed one for all of us Mice. Middle and Mini are off for a girlie weekend away and here in HK, I have a wedding and plenty of last minute Christmas shopping to cram in! To kick things off though, let's take a canter through the week just gone in Mice World. This week the Mice have mostly been...

Having a Scarlett moment with cocktails and jazz in the New York bar at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo. With the most breathtaking views across the city and killer cocktails, it's not hard to see why this slinky little bar is the backdrop for several scenes from one of my favourite films ever, Lost in Translation. 

The perfect way to round off five days of Tokyo craziness, three days of adventuring around bitterly cold Seoul and a year of travelling to some pretty incredible places. I've generally been pretty bad at blogging about my travelling this year, but have been lucky enough to visit lots of amazing places that have been on my travel hitlist for a while. From Ho Chi Minh to Tokyo with a jaunt along the Amalfi Coast and a little Burma adventure in between. I'm planning to be a good little blogger and spend the Christmas break getting a year's worth of photos organised and writing up the details of where to stay, eat, drink and party in each of the hot spots I've hit up. Watch this space...   

Desperately trying to free up space on my trusty iPad for all the magazine amazingness that's FINALLY available to download! Vogue's app came a couple of months ago and was definitely worth the wait. If you haven't tried it yet hop over to the app store quick smart - slick, interactive and very pretty - nothing less than you would expect from the doyenne of fashion publications. Last week though I was thoroughly overexcited to find out that Grazia had launched its iPad app too. The best news ever for all Hong Kongers used to paying four pounds for their weekly Grazia fix (or skulking around beauty salons trying to get through the well-thumbed copy before your manicure dries and you're kicked out). Rather worryingly, the iPad version of Grazia is fully shoppable, hello 'mistakenly' snapping up everything in the Grazia Fashion Chart...

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Channeling the Madhatter and snapping up some serious hat candy... Trilbys, fedoras, beanies and even cloches, I just can't get enough hat action right now! A super chic way to stay cosy and hide any hair disaster days, if an outfit's looking a little lacking I seriously recommend putting a hat on it... I bagged a floppy brimmed black felt one while I was in Shanghai a couple of weeks ago and last week I added an olive green felt trilby from Seoul to my collection. I currently have my sights set on a couple of others, listen up father Christmas...


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Beginning the biggest ever HK fashion countdown after the news that Topshop is opening up its first Hong Kong store in May! It's always been a bit of a mystery that Hong Kong seems to be one of the only big cities that Topshop's overlooked, so when yesterday it was announced that we'll be getting 12,000 square feet of fashion fabness next spring, there were squeals of delight from fashionistas all over the city. No more bi-annual pilgrimages to the Oxford Circus store in London, we can now get everything from our staple moto denim to our fav Topshop make-up nail shades right on our doorsteps here in Hong Kong. Amen.

And on that note, it's time to get the weekend started! Make sure you manage to squeeze in plenty of mulled-wine fuelled rocking around the Christmas tree between all that panicked present shopping!

Lots of Festive Love,
The Mice

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