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Thursday 13 December 2012

Put a Personalised Lid on it...

With only 12 days to go until Christmas time is running out to get everything sorted and the pressure is well and truly on! Last weekend, us London Mice decided to give some shopping a whirl at Stratford Westfield - what a mistake...pushy people, screaming children, queues snaking back from the tills and heaps of clothes everywhere and the whole experience definitely wasn't helped by us only getting to bed at 5am on Sunday morning, so that we had zero patience or energy! 

Unsurprising we left a few hours later with nothing but wrapping paper and an M&S dinner. We decided that opting for Internet shopping from the comfort of our sofa all wrapped in a snug duvet was the only way forward! 

Horrific shopping experiences aside, I do love giving presents, there is something so satisfying about knowing that you have the perfect present idea up your sleeve and, on Christmas Day, watching the faces of your favourite people as they open up your gifts is priceless. Christmas in the 3BM household is my favourite time of year, all together cosy, drinking lots of wine, eating too much food and going totally over board spoiling one another! 

The difficultly comes when we're buying for Daddy Mouse...what do you get the man who buys everything he needs, isn't really into things that are too flash and doesn't really get too excited about anything! Unfortunately I don't yet have the answer for you...sorry to disappoint, but we will continue to strive to find the one thing that astounds him and provokes a manly squeal of perfect present excitement - we'll keep you posted!! 

Anyway in my search for such a gift I did come across a present idea worthy of a blog...if you have a family member or friend who has a passion for Marmite, mustard or Ketchup (or just someone who is very territorial when it come to the fridge!) then why not snap up a personalised Silver lid for their fav condiment?! David-Louis Designs has come up with the fab idea of 250g Silver lids that you can buy in different sizes to bling up various bottles or jars. Best of all, you can get each lid engraved for free to create a perfect bespoke Christmas gift that can be used again and again! Prices start from £69 and each lovely lid can be purchased from the David-Louis Designs shop at the handy Not on the Highstreet.


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