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Saturday 10 November 2012

Easy as ABC...

As November sets in and Starbucks pulls out the red cups, we're slowly but surely beginning to think tinselly, snow-capped thoughts laced with reindeer, mince pies and twinkly fairy lights. Ok, it's definitely too early to be blogging about Christmas every day (but seriously, have you seen the John Lewis advert....?!), however it's never to early to get your present shopping done and dusted. And if you start now, by the time it gets to December 25th, you're bound to have bought a few too many presents which means that you can gift yourself the extras... win win.

A couple of weeks ago we blogged about the Calm Gallery, an awesome little online boutique selling prints, postcards and tea towels guaranteed to brighten up even the dreariest corner of your home. Well, the very same husband and wife team behind the Calm Gallery also run a website which we reckon might just be the perfect place to kick off this season's Christmas shopping...

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Alphabet Bags sells bags in all shapes and sizes each emblazoned with a letter of the alphabet (or several letters of the alphabet arranged in a variety of words and phrases). Pretty and practical with a personal edge - come on who doesn't love something with their initials on?! We especially love the range of totes designed by paper-cutting genius, Rob Ryan but with pieces ranging from initialled make-up bags to 'OMG' leopard print clutches, there really is something for everyone. And there's even a festive themed line of canvas bags... snap one up right now to ensure you have something suitably Christmassy to carry all that yuletide shopping around in...

'Let It Snow' & 'Joy' Christmas Totes
£12 each

£12 each

£12 each

Rob Ryan Initial Totes
£16 each

£12 each

OMG Pouch

Bag of Tricks Tote

Initial Washbag
£20 each

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